Dr Michael Falta

Michael FaltaSenior Lecturer
Dipl.Natw.ETH (Zürich), PhD (QUT), CPA

Tel 64 3 479 9268
Office CO 5.35
Email michael.falta@otago.ac.nz

Dr Michael Falta joined the University of Otago in June, 2009. He has held academic (Queensland University of Technology), private (consulting) and industry-academia interfaced (Australian Cooperative Research Centres) positions.  His PhD is on computational and statistical aspects in accounting.

His current research interests focus on capital markets, fundamentals of accounting measurement, bankruptcy prediction, multi-agent based modelling of price determination and innovation (patent) management.  



Principal supervisor of Stephan Essendorfer: PhD on accounting measurement and volatility of earnings in the banking sector. 
Principal supervisor of Frederico Botafogo: PhD on algebraic accounting and dynamic representation of business decision making.

Research projects


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Falta, M., Gallagher, L., & Willett, R.  (2006).  Modelling Hard-to-Measure Costs in Environmental Management Accounting.  Asia-Pacific Management Accounting Journal  1(1), 127-144. http://eprints.ptar.uitm.edu.my/168/ 

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