Dr Ivan Diaz-Rainey

Ivan Diaz-Rainey Senior Lecturer
MA (Hons) ATT M.Sc. ASIP PhD Pg. Cert. (HEP)

Tel 64 3 479 8117
Office CO 5.41
Email: ivan.diaz-rainey@otago.ac.nz

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Dr Ivan Diaz-Rainey has previously held academic positions at the University of East Anglia (Norwich, UK), the European University Institute (Florence, Italy) and the Higher Colleges of Technology (Abu Dhabi, UAE).  Prior to moving into academia he worked in a variety of investment and finance roles in the City of London.  He holds a PhD in Energy Policy and Innovation (UEA), an M.Sc. in Investment Analysis (Stirling) and an M.A. (Hons.) in Economics and Politics (Edinburgh).


• CFA Institute (Chartered Financial Analysts Institute)
• CFA Society of the UK
• International Association for Energy Economics
• British Institute of Energy Economics
• Otago Climate Change Network (OCCNet)
• Otago Energy Research Centre (OERC)
• British Accounting and Finance Association
• Association of Taxation Technicians


Research Interests

His interdisciplinary policy-focused research spans both finance and innovation research.  He has previously conducted research, policy and consultancy work for a number of organisations, including the OECD, E.ON UK plc and the European Capital Markets Institute.  His current research interests include:

• Carbon and energy finance
• Commodity and energy markets (especially the speculation debate)
• Financial innovation and risk
• Reform of financial regulation following the Global Financial Crisis
• Evolution of capital markets (HFT, ETFs and liquidity fragmentation)
• Corporate Finance
• Innovation diffusion
• Induced diffusion of eco-innovations (e.g. renewables)
• Energy and environmental policy
• Science and technology policy (how it relates to climate change)


“The evolving risk-return profile of energy utilities: Understanding the impact of liberalisation and decarbonisation”, Daniel J. Tulloch.

"Securities Class Actions as Disciplinary Mechanisms: Fraud, Political Lobbying and Creditor Control Rights", Matthew McCarten.

FUNDED PROJECTS (recent and current)  

Otago Energy Research Centre (OERC) Seed Grant to explore “The Effect of Imported Carbon Allowances on New Zealand’s Emission Trading Scheme”, with Dan Tulloch (Otago) and Greg Fahey (Managing Director, Venture Partners, Dunedin)

University of Otago Research Grant (UORG) “The social, political and economic risks and opportunities of climate change”, with Prof. Colin Campbell-Hunt (PI – Department of Accountancy and Finance) and six other Otago colleagues.

Otago Business School, Kick-start Research Summer Scholarships Scheme. “Crude inventory accounting and the commodities speculation debate”, with Prof. David Lont and Thomas Scott (RA), funded through Otago Business School, Kick-start Research Summer Scholarships Scheme


Creative destruction in Wall Street’s technological arms race: Evident from patent data” with Stephan Essendorfer (Otago) and Michael Falta (Otago)

Capital markets in the 21st century: Transformation through technological change, regulatory reform and financial innovation, Managing Guest Editor for Special Issue of Technological Forecasting and Social Change (To be published 2014).  See the Call  

"Managing risks from financial innovation: Evidence from the G20", with Dr. Ros Whiting (Otago), Max Yap (RA, Otago) and Dr. John J. Ashton (Bangor)


Chapter in Book - Research

Diaz-Rainey, I, Finegan, A, Ibikunle, G, Tulloch, D (2014) ‘Institutional Investment in the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme’, In: Hawley, J, Hoepner, A, Johnson, K, Sandberg, J, Waitzer, E (Eds.), Handbook of Institutional Investment and Fiduciary Duty, Cambridge University Press & UN Principles For Responsible Investment (with foreword by Al Gore)

Daskalakis, G., Ibikunle, G., & Diaz-Rainey, I. (2011). The CO2 trading market in Europe: A financial perspective. In A. Dorsman, W. Westerman, M. B. Karan, & Ö. Arslan (Eds.), Financial aspects in energy: A European perspective (pp. 51-67). Berlin, Germany: Springer.

Journal - Research articles

Nguyen, D, Diaz-Rainey, I, Gregoriou, A (forthcoming) ‘Determinants of the capital structure of listed Vietnamese companies’, Journal of Southeast Asian Economies (Formerly ASEAN Economic Bulletin)

Diaz-Rainey, I, Ibikunle, G (2012). A taxonomy of the ‘Dark Side’ of financial innovation: The cases of High Frequency Trading and Exchange Traded Funds, International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, 16:1/2, 51-72

Diaz-Rainey, I. Tzavara D, (2012). Financing the decarbonized energy system through green electricity tariffs: A diffusion model of an induced consumer environmental market, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 79:9, 1693-1704

Wang, X., Chang, H. K., Yee, R. W. Y., & Diaz-Rainey, I. (2012). A two-stage fuzzy-AHP model for risk assessment of implementing green initiatives in the fashion supply chain, International Journal of Production Economics, 135:2, 595-606

Davies, S. W., Diaz-Rainey, I. (2011). The patterns of induced diffusion: Evidence from the international diffusion of wind energy. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 78(7), 1227-1241

Diaz-Rainey, I., Ashton, J. K. (2011). Profiling potential green electricity tariff adopters: Green consumerism as an environmental policy tool? Business Strategy & the Environment, 20(7), 456-470

Diaz-Rainey, I., Siems, M., Ashton, J. K. (2011). The financial regulation of energy and environmental markets. Journal of Financial Regulation & Compliance, 19(4), 355-369

Diaz-Rainey, I., Ashton, J. K. (2008). Stuck between a ROC and a hard place? Barriers to the take up of green energy in the UK. Energy Policy, 36(8), 3053-3061