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Copyright in Lectures - and distribution on Blackboard and iTunes U


What copyright rules apply to my lecture?

Under NZ law, you can perform, play or show a work in the course of your work for the University, as long as the audience is made up of students and/or staff. This means you can use most material commonly used: you can play an audio or video recording, provided you are using an original, not a copy, and the terms stated on the disk don't prohibit this; you can click on a link to display a web site or show a streamed video or other internet content; you can display an image, graph, table etc.; and so on.

HEDC has created a video about how copyright applies to lectures. Check it out on Unitube.

Note that a lecture open to the public, such as an Inaugural Professorial Lecture, is a 'public performance' and therefore you should be careful when using material for which you are not the copyright holder. You may be able to use the material under the fair dealing provisions of the Copyright Act.

What is the situation with copyright when the lecture is distributed to students?

When a video recording of your lecture is made available to students via Blackboard, your lecture becomes a ‘course material' and the same rules apply as to a physical coursepack given to a class. There are more restrictions on what you can distribute in this context because you are effectively making multiple copies. See the section on Coursepacks for more specific information about what you can use in a lecture if it is to be made available to students.

If the University wishes to record and distribute your lectures it will first obtain your consent. Find out more about your rights as the creator of the material in the lecture and your responsibilities with regard to use of other people's copyright:

Recording by the University of Lectures and Other Teaching – Guidelines for Lecturers

Recording by the University of Lectures and other Teaching Policy

What copyright applies to iTunes U?

In making material available on iTunes U, care must be taken with material for which others' hold the copyright because the medium makes material available to anyone and therefore no longer purely for educational purposes. In other words, something you can legally show in a lecture (such as a DVD) may not be able to be distributed without permission outside of an educational context. Contact the Copyright Officer if you have questions about this.