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Traffic and Parking Regulations

Category General Regulations
Type Regulation
Approved by Council
Date Regulation Took Effect
Last Approved Revision
Sponsor Director of Property Services
Responsible Officer
Review Date

Policy Content


1. General

The Campus of the University of Otago has been planned and developed as a pedestrian precinct. These regulations are promulgated to maintain that concept and to give guidance to and regulate those who drive or ride on the Campus.

2. Observance of Signs

Drivers and riders shall at all times observe all markings and signs on the Campus. Those markings and signs which are similar to those used by the Ministry of Transport have the same meaning on the Campus as they do in any other public place.

3. Right of Way of Pedestrians

Wheeled traffic shall at all times and in all places on the Campus yield the right of way to pedestrians and may not be driven in areas prohibited to such traffic except where limited access is specifically authorised (see regulation 5).

Cycling is prohibited in the central areas of the North Campus designated as 'No Cycling' areas.

4. Speed Limit

No wheeled vehicle shall be driven at any time on the Campus in excess of 15 kilometres per hour. Wheeled traffic may never be driven or ridden at any speed or in a manner which might interfere with the safety of pedestrians. Cycles shall not be ridden at a speed exceeding walking pace in any areas in which they are permitted but which are intended primarily for use by pedestrians.

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5. Access of Motor Vehicles

Access to the Campus shall be on those routes specifically designated. Apart from emergency situations or for maintenance work by authorised trade and service vehicles all wheeled traffic shall be confined to designated access ways.

6. Parking

No wheeled vehicles shall be parked in any area except those specifically designated according to the type of traffic.

7. Tow-away Areas

Any motor vehicle or bicycle parked other than in conformity with the markings and signs including any motor vehicle or bicycle parked in a designated parking area without authority may be removed without notice. Any motor vehicle or bicycle so removed may be recovered only upon the payment of all costs incurred in the initial removal of the vehicle or bicycle from its unauthorised position.

8. Skateboarding

In recognition of the potential damage to property, the hazard to other traffic and the disruption to study and teaching caused by the noise when skateboards are improperly used within the campus, all such use is prohibited. Improper use includes the practice of stunt and aerobatic manoeuvres, and excessive speed amongst pedestrians. The responsible use of skateboards and other wheeled machines for ordinary transport across campus is acceptable.

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9. University Campus Public Place

The University of Otago is a public place and the provisions of the Transport Act and the Regulations made thereunder with regard to the rights, responsibilities and duties of persons using motor vehicles or bicycles or other wheeled vehicles including skateboards and scooters apply accordingly. Breaches of these Regulations are also breaches of rules of University conduct rendering an offender liable to a fine of up to $100.