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The Origins of Angkor Archaeological Project is a multi-disciplinary research project being undertaken by the University of Otago Department of Anthropology and the Fine Arts Department of Thailand. The aim of the project is to assess the seminal aspects of the social, cultural and technological development in the Mun River valley of Northeast Thailand. Four sites have been excavated, a Bronze Age site Ban Lum Khao, and three Iron Age sites, Non Muang Kao , Noen U-Loke. and Prasat Phimai. In addition, recent excavations at Phum Snay and Baksei Chamkrong have begun to shed light on the previously poorly understood prehistory of northern Cambodia. This work has been completed with the assistance of Earthwatch and their volunteers. In the 2002 field season, The Origins of Angkor Project began investigations at a new site in Northeast Thailand, Ban Non Wat.

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