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Research students at the Bioethics Centre

Research topics are working descriptions ≤ 140 characters in length (i.e. a tweet-length description).


Claire Amos

  • Research topic: Understanding the work of clinician-patient interactions in psychiatry - exploring the philosophical & ethical thinking underlying therapeutic relationships.
  • Supervisors: Grant Gillett, Neil Pickering
  • Email:
  • Previous qualifications: BSc (Hons) (Psychology) Southampton University, PGDip (Mental Health Studies) Southampton University

Pete Burt

Rebecca Duncan

Taryn Knox

Emma Tumilty

  • Research topic: This project explores the relationship between health research practices and health equity and investigates ways the outcomes of this relationship could be improved
  • Supervisors: Simon Walker, John McMillan
  • Email:
  • Previous qualifications: PGDIP HealSci (Bioethics) Otago, BA (Philosophy) Otago

Zou Xiang

  • Research topic: Moral Plurality in a Transplanting World: A Comparative Study between China and New Zealand
  • Supervisors: Jing-Bao Nie, Ruth Fitzgerald (Department of Anthropology and Archaeology)
  • Email:
  • Previous qualifications: MA, Sun Yat-sen University, BA (Sociology) Heilongjiang University.

Hazem Zohny

  • Research topic: Emerging neuroenhancement technologies and their implications for justice and policy.
  • Supervisors: Mike King, John McMillan
  • Email:
  • Previous qualifications: BA (Philosophy and Psychology) University of Sydney, Australia; MSc (Science) The Open University, UK.

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Master of Health Science (MHealSc) thesis

Tony Fisher

Alison Hendry

  • Research topic: Just Enough: Selective and explicit access to health care - an emerging ‘just enough’ social contract?
  • Supervisors: Neil Pickering, Grant Gillett
  • Previous qualifications: PGDipHealSc(Bitc) (Otago), Diploma in Management (Auckland)

Shelley Winters

  • Research topic: Student nurses perspectives on the use of gallows humour in the clinical setting.
  • Supervisors: Neil Pickering, Grant Gillett
  • Previous qualifications: PGDipHealSc(Bitc) (Otago), Diploma in Nursing (Fanshawe, Canada).

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Master of Bioethics and Health Law (MBHL) dissertation*

* MBHL students are listed here after they have had their dissertation proposal submitted/accepted.

Rebecca Babcock

  • Research topic: The inadequacies of current concussion management and the need for innovative ethical and legal action.
  • Supervisors: Lynley Anderson, Maria Hook (Faculty of Law, Otago)

Emily Bergin

  • Research topic:Compensation for unplanned pregnancies: a medicolegal discussion.
  • Supervisors: Mike King, Simon Connell (Faculty of Law, Otago)

Olivia Godfrey

  • Research topic: Procreation behind bars: Should imprisonment put pay to parenthood?
  • Supervisors: Jing-Bao Nie, Jeanne Snelling (Faculty of Law/Bioethics Centre, Otago)

Brent Hyslop

  • Research topic: Supported decision-making and dementia.
  • Supervisor: Simon Walker, John Dawson (Faculty of Law, Otago)

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Bachelor of Medical Sciences with Honours (BMedSc(Hons))

Andy MacLachlan (2017)

Alex Barron (2016)

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