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Supplement to Eagle's Complete Trees and Shrubs of New Zealand—Additional Notes (2006)

By Audrey Eagle

Download the First Supplement here. (1.9 MB)

Second Supplement to Eagle's Complete Trees and Shrubs of New Zealand—Historical Notes (2014)

By Audrey Eagle

Download the Second Supplement here. (3 MB)

Lichens of New Zealand: An Introductory Illustrated Guide

By Allison Knight

Download a PDF of the whole book in full colour here! (107 MB)

John Steel's Key to the plants of the track from Pigeon Flat to Leith Saddle

Over the past few years I have been compiling a key to the vascular plants that can be seen from the track leading from Pigeon Flat to the summit of Swampy Spur. I have been inflicting this key on students on their trips to the area and acknowledge their help in refining it. I have used only vegetative characters and have incorporated solutions to those problems students have encountered when using it. If anyone cares to try it out when visiting the area, I would appreciate any further feedback as well as any new species they come across. Some work still needs to be done on the Coprosma species and the grasses and any comments there would be welcomed. Download: key.pdf (176 kB)

Veronica conspectus

The previously posted version has minor errors—if people have downloaded it before 5 December 2007 they should replace it with this one: veronica.pdf