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Otago Business School Research Funding

Research Funding Opportunities

The University of Otago has many channels for researchers to explore with regards to applying for, and obtaining both internal and external research grants and scholarships.

Funding Calendar

Important Dates and Updates

Business School Research Advisor

Funding Calendar

Details of upcoming Funding Rounds that are relevant to academic staff within the Otago Business School can be found here.

Important Dates and Updates

Catalyst Fund

The Catalyst Fund is the new name for the International Relationships Fund. The International Relationship Fund previously supported around 50 individual programmes and activities, administered by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), the Health Research Council, and the Royal Society of New Zealand.

MBIE recently re-shaped the International Relationship Fund into a fund which will consist of four streams that target investment in leadership, influence, seeding and strategic cooperation. 

The four new funding streams are:

  • Catalyst: Influence(administered by the RSNZ, MBIE, MFAT and HRC)
  • Catalyst: Leaders (administered by the RSNZ on MBIE’s behalf)
  • Catalyst: Seeding (administered by the RSNZ on MBIE’s behalf)
  • Catalyst: Strategic (administered by MBIE)

Funding can be accessed through MBIE, RSNZ and HRC contestable funding processes. The three organisations will publicise calls via their websites. Your Research Advisor will advertise Catalyst Fund opportunities as they are released.

A useful diagram explaining the fund can be found here (pdf).

Please direct all questions regarding the Catalyst Fund to your Research Advisor.

Business School Research Advisor - Dr Gabrielle Hine

Otago Business School Research Advisor - Gabrielle Hine

As Research Advisor for the Otago Business School, Gabrielle's role is multifaceted. One of her primary roles is to provide support with the many different components of funding applications. This might include support in drafting the research proposal, proof-reading and copy-editing, constructing the proposal budget, liaising with the funding body and ensuring all the guidelines and internal requirements are met. She can help you get your application to the right people to be signed off and submitted on time.

As funding proposals often take some planning and thinking ahead, Gabrielle can also provide support with planning what funding opportunities might work for you and when to apply. She can discuss where you would like to take your research both in the short-term and over the next few years.

When you receive a research grant, Gabrielle will help with the management of the contract, both at the time of award and throughout the duration of the grant. For example, this might include contractual variations, changes to the grant budget or applying for secondary funding as part of a larger project.

Please feel free to send Gabrielle an email or pop by her office on the second floor.

Office: 2.08, Commerce building
Tel: 479 5934
Mobile: 021 229 0639
Email: Dr Gabrielle Hine

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