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Postgraduate Nursing Papers

NURS 405 Health Assessment and Advanced Nursing Practice

This paper enables the RN to demonstrate health assessment knowledge and skills to meet the competencies required for advancing nursing practice. A period of mentored practice will facilitate the RN in integrated physical, psychosocial assessment and pathophysiology in own specialty practice.

NURS 411 Nursing - High Acuity

This paper includes professional skills and knowledge related to clinical competence in areas such as high dependency, critical and emergency nursing. The aim of the programme is to provide high quality education to expand / advance the knowledge and skills of registered nurses in high acuity nursing.

NURS 413 Primary Health Care Nursing Rural/Urban

This paper includes professional skills and knowledge related to clinical competence in primary health care nursing.

NURS 415 Nursing Research Methods

The aim of this paper is to provide students with the opportunity to establish a foundation of knowledge in a range of inquiry / research approaches from which to effectively utilise and undertake nursing research relevant to the practice setting.

NURS 416 Nursing – Applied Pharmacology

This paper covers physiology, mechanisms of action of pharmacological agents, prescribing frameworks, monitoring and adverse reactions. Regulation of prescribing is reviewed.

NURS 418 Nursing Education - Principles and Practice

Foundational knowledge of educational theory, principles of assessment and evaluation are presented in relation to specific teaching and learning environments, including clinical.  Pedagogical approaches are introduced and the socio-political foundations of nursing education are evaluated.

NURS 419 Ageing and Mental Health

This paper focuses on common psychiatric presentations and the promotion of mental wellbeing within the context of ageing.  The paper explores the fundmental sciences of ageing from physiological, psychological, sociological and epidemiological perspectives and advances theoretical knowledge and clinical skills to facilitate practice which is tailored to meet the needs of individuals and their families/whanau in hospital and community settings. 
Psychopathology and clinical assessment skills are considered including the use of screening tools and tests, diagnostics, psychopharmacology, ethical/medico-legal issues and nursing interventions based on best practice guidelines.

NURS 423 Nursing – Leadership and Management I

The paper focuses on leading nursing communities. Content includes management of personnel, information, performance, risk management, capacity building and clinical governance.

NURS 424 Nursing – Leadership and Management II

An emphasis is placed on theoretical knowledge, policy direction and performance in health care organisations, measuring health outcomes, innovations in practice and nursing workforce development.

NURS 426 Nursing - Gerontology

This paper includes a practicum and covers professional skills and knowledge related to clinical competence in gerontology nursing.  Content includes exploration of gerontological nursing concepts, themes and skills; managing complex health conditions; working effectively in interdisciplinary teams; ageing related professional values, ethics and cultural safety; and innovations and developments in gerontology nursing practice.

NURS 427 Long-Term Condition Management

This paper explores the concept of long-term condition management and the nurse’s role within the interdisciplinary team. The focus is on the promotion and protection of population health, supporting individuals to reduce their risk of developing chronic illness and monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of risk reduction.

NURS 428 Long-Term Condition Management (Advanced)

This paper emphasises the application of skills in the clinical setting. The ‘Flinders’ model of client care planning will be explored and nurses completing the programme will also receive the Flinders University ‘Certificate of competence in chronic condition self-management.’

NURS 429 Therapeutics for Advanced Nursing Practice

This paper will provide the student with an opportunity to demonstrate at an advanced level the knowledge & expertise in physical & psychosocial assessment, differential diagnosis & clinical decision making.

NURS 430 Advanced Nursing Practicum

This paper will provide students witht he advanced theoretical framework to support them to demonstrate at an advance level the knowledge, skills and expertise required to achieve the competencies for advanced nursing practice as determined by the Nursing Council of New Zealand for the Nurse Practitioner Scope of Practice under the HPCA Act 2003.

NURS 431 Rural Nursing

This paper provides a pathway for registered nurses specialising in rural nursing. The aim of this paper is to enable students to develop advanced theoretical knowledge and practical skills to facilitate practice in the rural setting. The course content focuses on exploring the concept of rural nursing and emphasises the application of skills in the clinical setting.

NURS 433 Intellectual Disability: Theory into Practice

This paper will advance the knowledge base, clinical and practical skills of health and disability practitioners working in the specialist field of and alongside people with an intellectual disability.  The core aim is to understand the current philosophical underpinnings within the sector and to explore the application of practical tools to support individuals and communities to proactively manage physical health, dual diagnosis, behavioural and access challenges that arise for people living with intellectual disability across the lifespan.