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Postgraduate students in the Department of Surgery

Current students


Student Thesis Title Supervisors
Alan Aitchison The role of enterotoxigenic Bacteroides fragilis in E-cadherin loss in colorectal cancer Dr Jacqui Keenan
Manar Khashram Development and validation of medical decision tools in detection and treatment of abdominal aortic aneurysm Prof Justin Roake, A/Prof Gregory Jones
Katie Rasmussen A bacterial driver of colon carcinogenesis Dr Jacqui Keenan


Student Thesis Title Supervisors
Rosie Callender A Comprehensive Evaluation of Hospital HealthPathways Prof Mike Ardagh, Prof Frank Frizelle
Jacob McCormick Surgery -Multivisceral Resection (Colorectal/General surgery) Prof Frank Frizelle, A/Prof Tim Eglinton
Chen Lau External validation of consensus molecular subtypes for colorectal cancer Prof Frank Frizelle, Mr Chris Wakeman, Dr Rachel Purcell
Alex Lee The cost and disability of ileal pouch-anal anastomosis in the Canterbury population A/Prof Tim Eglinton, Prof Richard Gearry
Prashant Sharma A study to define the risk factors for developing complicated diverticular disease and to access outcomes of patients, including those undergoing surgical intervention and those managed conservatively Prof Frank Frizelle, A/Prof Tim Eglinton


Year Student Qualification Thesis Title Supervisors
2017 Dr Rebecca Stack MMedSc The development of an objective grading scale for the severity of thyroid eye disease based on clinical and diagnostic findings A/Prof Mark Elder
2016 Jonathon Braun PhD Maturation of the Caco-2 cell monolayer impedes the uptake of outer membrane vesicles A/Prof Grant Butt, Dr Jacqui Keenan, A/Prof Michael Schulz
2015 Gabrielle Budd BMedSc(Hons) The effect of polymeric formula on enterocyte differentiation Dr Jacqui Keenan, Prof Andrew Day
2014 Sebastian Flores PhD The effect of Helicobacter pylori on cellular iron homeostasis Dr Jacqui Keenan, Prof Andrew Day
2014 Richard Tapper MMedSc The impact of obesity on outcomes following major colorectal surgery Prof Frank Frizelle
2012 Dr Michael John Bergin MMedSc Inner ear effects of middle ear surgery A/Prof Phil Bird, Prof Frank Frizelle
2012 Tim Eglinton MMedSc Perianal Crohn’s disease in Canterbury, New Zealand Prof Richard Gearry, Prof Frank Frizelle
2012 Sandra K. Richardson PhD Defining appropriateness of emergency department attendance: a NZ perspective Prof Justin Roake, Prof Mike Ardagh
2010 Elizabeth A. Carr BMedSc(Hons) Bevacizumab augmented laser therapy for diabetic macular oedema A/Prof Mark Elder, Dr Ainslie Morris
2010 Kasia Mackenzie PhD Why are skin cancers more aggressive in renal transplant recipients?s Dr Margaret Currie, Dr Barry Hock, Prof Bridget Robinson, A/Prof Gabi Dachs, Dr Andrew Miller, Prof Justin Roake, Mr Jeremy Simcock
2010 Nina Salm PhD Dietary attenuation of Helicobacter pylori: associated inflammation Dr Jacqui Keenan, Prof Mark Hampton, Dr Alison Wallace
2008 Parkash L. Mandhan PhD Abnormal gene expression in anorectal malformations: aberrations in the expression of Sonic hedgehog, Bmp4 and Hox genes during development of the hindgut and the enteric nervous system in Ethylenethiourea-exposed rats that develop anorectal malformations Prof Spencer Beasley, A/Prof Michael Sullivan, Prof Justin Roake
2008 Andrew R. Moot MMedSc The application of selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry to surgical practice Prof Justin Roake, A/Prof Randall Allardyce
2008 Christopher J. Wakeman MMedSc Analysis of soluble forms of dendritic cell associated molecules in patients with cancer Barry Hock, Prof Justin Roake, Judy McKenzie
2007 Heather Parker PhD Role of outer membrane vesicles in the pathogenesis of Helicobacter pylori infection Dr Jacqui Keenan, Prof Mark Hampton
2003 Dejan Arsic PhD The role of sonic hedgehog in foregut development Prof Spencer Beasley, Dr Jacqui Keenan, Prof Justin Roake
2002 Sangeeta Budhia PhD Isolation and Characterisation of Novel Human Dendritic Cell-Associated Molecule, DD1.1 Dr Barry Hock, Prof Martin Kennedy, Prof Justin Roake
1997 Jacqueline I. Keenan PhD A novel H.pylori vaccine candidate A/Prof Randall Allardyce, A/Prof Phil Bagshaw