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Course Advising & Support

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Wondering what course to take?

Most students will choose which papers to take from a range of possibilities. Every student is different and circumstances and plans can change. You should feel free to seek advice from more than one source at any time during the year.

Some key points to think about before you look for information or ask for help include:

  1. What subjects are you interested in and/or do you know you have an aptitude for?
  2. Are you aiming for a particular career?
  3. Do you have a particular degree and/or major subject in mind?
  4. Do you think you might want to have a second subject specified in your degree?
  5. How many years do you want to study for, or can afford to fund yourself for (typically three years for a bachelor's degree, four years for an honours degree, longer for postgraduate and some professional qualifications)?
  6. What will you do if you fail papers or if you change your mind about future plans?

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Where to find information

Friends and family

People who know you well can be useful to talk with about your plans, and friends who have taken different papers can give helpful insights into subjects which might interest you. However, do not rely on friends for technical advice on University regulations or degree requirements.

Schools' Liaison Office

Liaison Officers visit every high school in New Zealand at least once each year and help intending students to plan their first-year courses.

Further information for prospective students is available elsewhere on this website.

Further information about the Schools' Liaison Office is available elsewhere on this website.

Advisers of Studies

Advisers of Studies are approved members of staff who can advise you on your choices for studying at Otago. They can also discuss career opportunities and possibilities for postgraduate study.

The course approval period at the beginning of each semester is when most students are required or have an opportunity to consult Advisers of Studies about their courses and to make adjustments to their courses of study.

At other times of the year Advisers of Studies are available at the four Divisional Offices and in departments and schools, either by appointment or during their office hours.

Guide to Enrolment and Undergraduate Prospectus

You can order hard copies of the University's Guide to Enrolment, Undergraduate and Postgraduate Prospectus publications as well as a range of other information through the University Information Centre.

You can also find information regarding degrees and qualifications and subjects elsewhere on this website.

Further help and support

Further help and support is available through these University services

Other divisional and administrative contacts

Members of the University's administrative staff are able to give information on degree requirements, cross crediting, prerequisites, and other technical aspects of planning your programme of study. Administrative staff can be consulted in each of the four Divisional Offices below or in the Student Records Office.

Commerce Division
Tel 03 479 8149
Commerce Building

Health Sciences Division
Physiotherapy Building
Tel 03 479 7428

Humanities Division
Tel 03 479 8671
Arts Building

Sciences Division
Tel 03 479 7528
Union Court

Student Records Office
Room G.41
Clocktower Building
Tel 03 479 7489

Other services

A list of other Services and Support for students and staff is available elsewhere on this website.