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Am I on track? Managing my study

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Am I doing some of the things that can help me to be effective in my distance studies at university?

Respond yes/no to these statements to see how you are managing:

  • I check my student email regularly, or have forwarded my student email (in eVision) to an email address I do check regularly.
  • I have found and checked that my postal details are correct in eVision.
  • I have read all the course outlines/overviews and have some idea what is expected of me in the course(s) I am enrolled in.
  • I know who the course coordinator/administrator is of my course(s) (in case I need to get information or help).
  • I have contact details of people to get help from in my course(s) e.g., Tutors.
  • I know which textbooks/readings I need and have them/or am in the process of getting them.
  • I know how to use my online learning system e.g Blackboard, Moodle or Oceanbrowser:
       * I have logged in,                                                            
       * I regularly check for course announcements,                  
       * I have checked out the useful resources pages and links, 
  • I am attending all audio-conferences for my courses.
  • I am prepared for the online discussions and I'm reading the required material before or early in the conference.
  • I am actively participating in the online discussions.
  • I summarise audio-conferences and/or online classes within two days of the session.
  • I have done most of the required/recommended readings for my course(s).
  • I am actively involved in learning by making notes and mentally processing information.
  • I organise and file my notes regularly.
  • I know when my assignments are due.
  • I know what the Student Learning Centre (SLC) offers and how to contact them.
  • I know what the Distance Library Service is and how to contact them.
  • I know about other opportunities for learning (e.g. online resources, etc.).
  • I have already started/or plan to contact other students in my course to work together with them on certain study tasks.
  • I spend an appropriate amount of time studying, including reading, research, online discussions, and assignments. (e.g., 15 hours per week for an 18 point single semester paper; or 25 hours a week for a 30 point full year paper).

How many“yes” answers did you get, and what does it mean?

16 - 20 Safe zone
I am on track to have a successful first semester. I can try to  turn all “no” answers into “yes” answers. Why stop now?

10 - 16 Needs attention
There is room for improvement with my academic habits. I can turn more “no” answers into “yes” answers. Why not start today?

0 – 10 Needs urgent attention
I need to consider some changes in the way I approach my studies. Which “no” answers can I turn into “yes” answers today?

What next?

I can tell myself that:

  • It is not too late to turn “no” answers into “yes” answers
  • I can optimise my study habits …
  • I can ask questions …

What else can I do?

Perhaps I could consider approaching:

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