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Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching (PGDipTchg)


Note: No new enrolments will be accepted for the Religious Education or Teacher Education endorsements for this programme.


The Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching (PGDipTchg) is an Internet-based programme designed for graduates who may or may not be registered to teach in a New Zealand primary or secondary school. It is not a teaching qualification, but is designed for people who already have teaching experience. The admission requirement is a completed Bachelor's degree in any subject(s) appropriate to teaching, an equivalent qualification, or professional and scholarly experience satisfactory to the College of Education. A candidate can choose one of three areas of concentration (endorsements): Teacher Education, Information and Communication Technology, and Religious Education.

Graduates are employed as educational administrators, lecturers in Colleges of Education and Universities, or teachers in primary, intermediate and secondary schools.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching (PGDipTchg) is also available through Distance Learning.

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Contact Details

Dr Fiona McDonald
Distance Teaching Coordinator
Tel 03 479 4949

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Subject Area

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Schedule of Endorsement Requirements

  Papers Required
Information and Communication Technology
  • EDUX 423  Technology-enhanced Learning; and

  • EDUX 441  Researching Personal Teaching Practice; and

  • Two further 400-level Information and Communication Technology papers offered by the College of Education; and

  • Two further approved 400-level papers from Arts and Music Schedule C.

Religious Education
Teacher Education
  • EDUX 440  Critical Analysis of Teaching,

  • EDUX 441  Researching Personal Teaching Practice,

  • EDUX 442  (this paper is no longer offered)

  • EDUX 443  (this paper is no longer offered); and

  • Two further approved 400-level EDUC or EDUX papers.

Note: Prior Study in Theology or Religious Studies - In order to be enrolled for the Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching endorsed in Religious Education, the teacher must have sufficient background in Theology or Religious Studies to be able to study 400-level papers in these areas. The requirement will generally be the successful completion of a Diploma for Graduates comprising papers in Theology and Religious Studies, or the equivalent of this programme of study. A Diploma for Graduates consists of 120 points (normally seven papers), of which at least 72 points are at 300-level.

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Regulations for the Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching (PGDipTchg)

  1. Admission to the Programme

    1. Admission to the programme shall be subject to the approval of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Humanities).
    2. Every applicant shall
      1. have a bachelor's degree, or an equivalent qualification acceptable to the University, or be able to demonstrate extensive practical, professional or scholarly experience to the satisfaction of the Dean of the College of Education;
      2. be registered to teach in New Zealand primary and/or secondary schools, or have an equivalent teaching qualification acceptable to the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Humanities);
      3. have experience of or be currently working in a relevant field of education;
      4. present evidence of ability for advanced level academic study.

  2. Structure of the Programme

    1. The programme of study shall comprise approved papers at 400-level worth a total of 120 points, including EDUX 440 Critical Analysis of Teaching (20 points) or EDUX 423 Technology-enhanced Learning (20 points), and EDUX 441 Researching Personal Teaching Practice (20 points).
    2. If the diploma is to be endorsed, the programme of study must be as specified in the schedule of endorsed options.
    3. With prior approval, postgraduate papers worth up to the equivalent of 40 points may be credited from another department or from another university or tertiary institution.
    4. The papers shall constitute a coherent and integrated programme of study with a specific educational focus.
    5. A candidate who has completed the requirements for the Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching shall be exempted from those papers in the programme for the diploma which have been previously passed for the certificate.

  3. Duration of the Programme

    1. A candidate for the diploma shall normally follow a programme of study for not less than one year of full-time study or the equivalent in part-time study.
    2. A full-time candidate shall complete the requirements for the diploma within two years of admission to the programme and a part-time candidate shall complete the requirements within six years.

  4. Level of Award of the Diploma

    The diploma may be awarded with distinction or with credit.

  5. Variations

    The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Humanities) may in exceptional circumstances approve a course of study which does not comply with these regulations.

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