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Community Pharmacy Warfarin Project

This group proposes to identify issues arising from warfarin usage in patients living in the community. Warfarin is a unique medicine that requires ongoing laboratory monitoring often resulting in frequent testing and dose adjustments. Many patients taking this medicine are elderly and take multiple medications. Warfarin has the potential to cause serious adverse effects and interacts with many over the counter, herbal and prescription medicine. The initial aim is to investigate patient perceptions and knowledge of the medicine and to assess the safety of this medicine in the community. Future research will look at whether pharmacists can improve warfarin therapy by running anti-coagulation clinics for community based patients.


Community Pharmacy Research Network - New Zealand

A growing pool of hard evidence relating to the work of the commmunity pharmacy will be one result of the Community Pharmacy Research Network for New Zealand.

Pharmacists will decide on projects annually, with the aim of publishing at least one study a year in international journals.

The group has been sponsored by The University of Otago School of Pharmacy, and is headed by senior lecturer Dr Pauline Norris.

Membership will consist of interested pharmacists who participate actively in the group's research. Pharmacy academics from the Schools of Pharmacy at both Auckland and Otago will help with research ideas, project design and analysis, as well as facilitate research funding and publication of results.

Professor Ian Tucker, head of Otago's Shool of Pharmacy, says the group will have "a bottom-up drive", with community pharmacists suggesting research topics and academics working in a support role.

The first of two projects will look at the effect of subsidy changes on community pharmacists, including how changes affect workloads and the role pharmacists play in facilitating the process.

Kerikeri pharmacist David McFadzien and Auckland Pharmacist MAree Jensen will convene the project while Auckland pharmacist Kathy Maxwell convenes another study into warfarin use and its management.

Some of the pharmacists and academics involved in the newly-formed Community Pharmacy Research Network for New Zealand

Left to Right:
Back Row:
Ian Tucker, John Savory, James Windle, Dale Griffiths, Anita Olivier, Melissa Copland, Rhiannon Braund, Dave McFadzien, Kathy Maxwell, Gordon Becket, Aarti Patel
Front Row: Kath Ryan, Therese Kairuz, James Townsend, Rosemary Beresford, Lorraine Balfour, Patti Napier, Sue Dovey, Maree Jensen, Kerri Miedema




The New Zealand Pharmacy Education and Research Foundation (NZPERF) was established in 1967 as a charitable trust for the benefit of the pharmacy profession. The Foundation receives grants and donations from pharmacists and members of the pharmaceutical industry. The interest and dividends received from the funds investments are allocated to applicants by a Foundation Board that meets in May and November each year. The Foundation also funds some specific scholarships and prizes. NZPERF assists in funding the development of pharmacy education in New Zealand and assists funding into the science and practice of pharmacy to ensure New Zealand pharmacists have an opportunity to remain at the forefront of their profession.
An application form and guidelines are available on the following link:




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