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Wellington Centre for Theology and Public Issues

Upcoming events at CTPI - Wellington

Church Responses to Violence Against Women in the Pacific

[2017.09.08]  Church Responses to Violence Agianst Women Symposium DLE [CTPI]

Friday 8 September, 12:00 - 1:30pm, The St. John's Centre, Wellington.
A Centre for Theology and Public Issues Symposium with Dr Seforosa Carroll (Charles Sturt University) and Dr Richard Davis (Pacific Theological College).
Visit the webpage to find out more about this event.

Beyond Blame: Christianity and the Future of Creation

beyond blame artwork copy

Saturday 7 October, 12:00 - 8:00pm, The St. John's Centre, Wellington
Join us for a day-long conference as we reflect on the White thesis even as we move beyond blame and explore ongoing Christian responses to the ecologicalcrisis of our contemporary world.Visit the Beyond Blame webpage to find out more about this event.

Keeping Faith in Politics 2017 election series

Can we believe in politics small

Have you ever asked, "Can we believe in politics?" Perhaps you wonder how your faith bears on public life in terms of the candidates for whom you vote, the policies which you support, or the causes for which you advocate. Maybe you worry if we can trust our system, our leaders, or even our neighbours. If you're asking these big questions we're putting on a series called "Keeping Faith in Politics" that aims to give serious answers.

The University of Otago Centre for Theology and Public Issues is putting on monthly events from March to August leading up to the September elections. We will gather in a variety of venues and engage important issues in various formats in conversation with leading voices in church and society.

Visit the Keeping Faith in Politics webpage for more details or download the series poster.

Commemorating the Reformation

2017 marks the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther's 95 theses. The Centre for Theology and Public Issues Wellington is co-hosting several events in commemoration.

Visit the Reformation webpage for more information about these events.

Recent events at CTPI - Wellington

What Happened? What's Next? - Global Politics in the Time of Trump
Panelists: John Allen (former head of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade), Colin James (columnist Otago Daily Times), and Susan Jones (St Andrew's on the Terrace)

Seeking the Common Good in a World of Self-Interest - A Keeping Faith in Politics Event
Rev Dr Eleanor Sanderson (Canon Theologian, Diocese of Wellington). Listen to an audio recording of the event.

The Least and the Last in a World of Growing Inequality - A Keeping Faith in Politics Event
Max Rashbroke (author), Eric Crampton (The New Zealand Institute), Jon Hartley (World Vision) and Megan Whelan (Radio New Zealand). Listen to an audio recording of the event.

Protecting the Planet in a World of Ecological Crisis - A Keeping Faith in Politics Roundtable
Jonathan Boston (Victoria University of Wellington, IGPS), Catherine Iorns (Victoria University of Wellington Law and 365 Aotearoa), Koreti Tiumalu (Region Coordinator for, Paul Young (Generation Zero). Listen to an audio recording of the event.

Podcasts, talks, articles from the Centre for Theology and Public Issues

Staff at CTPI - Wellington

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