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'Child Poverty: Myths, Misconceptions and Misunderstandings'. Open lecture with Professor Jonathan Boston, (Co-chair, Expert Advisory Group on Solutions to Child Poverty).  Here

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2014 events

17 October: 2014 Quaker Lecture: Standing in this Place an open lecture with David James, Jillian Wychel, Murray Short and Linda Wilson. Hosted by the Society of Friends, in association with the Centre for Theology and Public Issues. Listen to the audio recording here

11 August: The Marriage Amendment Act One Year On: How are the Churches Responding? An open panel with Rt Rev’d Kelvin Wright, (Anglican Bishop of Dunedin); Rev'd Greg Hughson, (University Chaplain); Rt Rev'd Dr Graham Redding, (Principal of Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership, and former Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand); Rev'd Mark Chamberlain, (Roman Catholic Priest, Church of the Holy Name); Rev'd Dr Bruce Hamill, (Minister at Coastal Unity Presbyterian Church and Convenor of the Doctrine Core Group, Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand); Mr Neill Ballantyne, (Queer Support Officer, OUSA). This event was hosted by the Centre for Theology and Public Issues and Otago University Students’ Association Queer Support.

17 July: Future Visions: Ecology, Economics at the End of the World. Open lecture with Dr Andrew Shepherd (Adjunct Lecturer in Theology; Dr Andrew Shepherd has worked as a Research Fellow and Teaching Fellow at the Centre for Theology and Public Issues, University of Otago. He is the National Co-Director for A Rocha Aotearoa New Zealand, a Christian conservation movement). This was followed by the launch of his book, The Gift of the Other: Levinas, Derrida, and a Theology of Hospitality (Eugene, OR:. Pickwick Publications, 2014).

7 July: Believers of the World - Unite. Otago Tertiary Chaplaincy and Dunedin Abrahamic Interfaith Group Eleventh Annual Open Peace Lecture with Rev Dr Lord Leslie Griffiths, (Dr Griffiths, the Lord Griffiths of Burry Port, is a Methodist Minister and Superintendent of Wesley’s Chapel, London, and a Labour member of the House of Lords). Introduced by Vice-Chancellor Professor Harlene Hayne.

7 July: How to communicate meaningfully with ordinary people - the challenge to Theology. Seminar with Rev Dr Lord Leslie Griffiths, (Superintendent Minister of Wesley’s Chapel, London, and a member of the House of Lords).

12 June: Child Poverty: Myths, misconceptions and misunderstandings. An open lecture with Professor Jonathan Boston, (Co-chair, Expert Advisory Group on Solutions to Child Poverty). View the powerpoint from the lecture here. View the podcast  here.

12 June: Governing for the Future: Stewardship, sustainability and the tyranny of the present. An open lecture with Professor Jonathan Boston, (Professor of Public Policy, Victoria University School of Government). View the powerpoint from the lecture here

26 March: Religious Leaders Building Peace and the Practice of Interfaith Dialogue: Drawing on the Experiences of Mindanao, Burundi and Nigeria. A public conversation with Professor Ed Garcia (Senior Conflict Advisor at International Alert in London), Dr Najibullah Lafraie (Department of Politics), Dr Sung Yong Lee (Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies) and the Revd Greg Hughson (University Chaplain).

18 March: Third World Development: Opportunities and Challenges. The Centre hosted three National Directors from World Vision's offices around the globe, who each made a short presentation and answered questions on 'Hot Topics in Development' such as: Tackling poverty in conflict situations - Alex Snary, (National Director, World Vision Jerusalem-West Bank-Gaza); When doing good does harm - Gilbert Kamanga, (National Director, World Vision Uganda); When aid and business collide - Chris Herink, (National Director, World Vision Myanmar). Chaired by Chris Clarke, (CEO of World Vision New Zealand).

17 March: Public Conversation with Archbishop John Sentamu. This was another chance to hear the Archbishop John Sentamu, (the Archbishop of York), in conversation with Archbishop Philip Richardson, (Archbishop of the New Zealand Dioceses). The conversation ranged widely over issues concerning the church locally and internationally, and considered particular projects and themes of Archbishop Sentamu's own work in the UK.

17 March: Poverty: Global and Local. A one-day symposium with Archbishop John Sentamu, (the Archbishop of York), and his wife Margaret Sentamu, (Principal Consultant and Head of Diversity at Odgers & Berndtson). Other speakers included the Revd Jono Ryan (New Zealand Co-ordinator of Servants to Asia's Urban Poor), Professor David Fielding (Professor of Economics, Otago Business School) and Gillian Bremner (CEO of Presbyterian Support). The symposium considered the nature, causes and extent of poverty and explored strategies for alleviating poverty that make a difference both locally and globally.

13 February: Hosted the launch of the Salvation Army's annual state-of-the-nation report, 'Striking a Better Balance'.

2013 events

17 December: Public Theology and the Scandals of the Cross: Sexualised Violence, Silence and Crucifixion. Open lecture with Assistant Professor David Tombs; (Director, Centre for Post-Conflict Justice, Trinity College, Dublin).

17 December: Public Theology - coming to a street near you. Open lecture with Dr Jonathan Chaplin; (Director, Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics, Cambridge).

16 December: Whose Public?/Which Theology?: Landmarks on the Road to a 21st Century Public Theology. Open lecture with Associate Professor Scott Paeth; (Director, Center for Interreligious Engagement, DePaul University).

25 November: The Common Good: A Question of Style. An Open Lecture with Professor Will Storrar, (Director of the Centre of Theological Inquiry at Princeton and formerly Professor of Christian Ethics and Practical Theology at the University of Edinburgh). He was instrumental in establishing the Global Network for Public Theology and the International Journal of Public Theology. He holds visiting professorships at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa and Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland. Recent books include: Public Theology for the 21st Century (2004) and A World for All? Global Civil Society in Political Theory and Trinitarian Theology (2011).

5 November: Exploring Youth Justice: Progress and Possibilities. A panel discussion with Judge Andrew Becroft, (Principal Youth Court Judge); Professor Mark Henaghan, (Dean of the Faculty of Law); Professor Chris Marshall, (Victoria University, Wellington) and Shayne Walker, (Department of Sociology, Gender and Social Work). The panel was chaired by Professor Murray Rae, Head of Department of Theology and Religion. Watch the podcast here.

31 October: Severing the Link Between Alcohol and Prison: An open forum with Sir Geoffrey Palmer, (former Prime Minister, Minister who drafted and proposed the New Zealand Bill of Rights legislation and former chair of the NZ Law Commission at the time the Commission proposed major changes to our liquor legislation); Major Campbell Roberts, (Director of the Salvation Army's Social Policy Research and Parliamentary Affairs Unit); Professor Jennie Connor, (Department of Preventive and Social Medicine; specialist on drinking patterns and alcohol related harm in NZ families) and chaired by Dunedin Barrister, Anne Stevens. This panel was jointly hosted by the Centre for Theology and Public Issues and the Howard League for Penal Reform. Watch the podcast here.

9 October: Tensions in the Korean Peninsula: Panel discussion with Professor Kyo Seong Ahn, Presbyterian College and Theological Seminary, Seoul; Dr Nicholas Khoo, Department of Politics; Professor Kevin Clements, Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies; Professor Robert Patman, Department of Politics

23 August: A Post-Christendom Theology of Democracy: Open lecture with Dr Jonathan Chaplin, Director of the Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics, Cambridge; member of the Divinity Faculty, University of Cambridge; University of Otago William Evans Fellow

20 August: The Public Square: a panel discussion on the issues of the day: An open forum with Laura Black, CEO, Methodist Mission; Dr Bryce Edwards, Department of Politics; Greg Fleming, CEO, The Maxim Institute; Jolyon White, Social Justice Enabler, Anglican Diocese of Christchurch, hosted by Professor Andrew Bradstock. Among the issues for discussion were: surveillance; the living wage; the Michael Swann case; regional development; Christchurch's new 'cardboard' cathedral; affordable housing; and the state of the political parties. Watch the podcast here.

19 August: Is New Zealand 'secular' and does it matter? This was a half-day symposium exploring what it means to talk of Aoteroa/New Zealand as a 'secular country' and the implications of this. There were three components to the symposium: 1) Keynote address by Dr Jonathan Chaplin, Director of the Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics; William Evans Fellow, 2) Presentation of new research by Dr Vivienne Anderson (College of Education) and Profesor Andrew Bradstock (Director, Centre for Theology and Public Issues), 3) Panel discussion with Lynne Bowyer (Bioethics Centre), Glyn Carpenter (Director, New Zealand Christian Network), Greg Fleming (CEO, Maxim Institute), Professor Douglas Pratt (University of Waikato), and Associate Professor John Stenhouse (Department of History).

16 August: The Social Theology of Rowan Williams: Seminar by Dr Jonathan Chaplin, William Evans Fellow; and Director of the Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics.

15 August: Seeking the Welfare of the City: The Contribution of Theology to New Zealand's Public Square. A farewell lecture by Centre Director Andrew Bradstock, Howard Paterson Chair, Theology and Public Issues. Watch the podcast here.

9 August: Religious Voices in the Public Square: Threatening Democracy or Enriching Debate? An open forum with Dr Vinoth Ramachandra, Secretary for Dialogue and Social Engagement with the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students; author of Subverting Global Myths: Theology and Public Issues Shaping Our World, Dr Jonathan Chaplin, Director of the Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics, Cambridge; William Evans Fellow; author of Talking God: The Legitimacy of Religious Public Reasoning and Professor Andrew Bradstock, Director, Centre for Theology and Public Issues. Watch the podcast here.

5 August: ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: What do we know about it and how does it challenge our attitudes? An open forum with Heather Wilson, member of the executive committee of the Associated New Zealand Myalgic Encephalopathy Society (ANZMES), and the Society's Otago and Southland Coordinator; the ‘NZ face of ME/CFS’, broadcaster, sports journalist and former Kiwis rugby league captain, Richie Barnett; and Professor Warren Tate of the Department of Biochemisty here at Otago. Watch the podcast here.

1 August: Holy Wars and Holy Peacemaking: the dangerous myth of religious violence. On the panel were Professor Murray Rae, (Head of Department of Theology and Religion); Dr Mai Tamimi, (Chair of the Dunedin Abrahamic Interfaith Group); and Profs Kevin Clements and Richard Jackson, (National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies here at Otago). Watch the podcast here.

30 July: Theology and New Zealand's Penal Policy: Centre Director Andrew Bradstock spoke to the Howard League (Otago) on ‘Why God hates prisons: reflections on theology, justice and our current penal policy’.

29 July: Migration and Refugees: An open lecture by Professor Daniel Groody, University of Notre Dame, Indiana, ‘Dying to Live: a theology of migration and refugees’.

26 July: The Church's One Foundation? With guest speaker Don Baskerville, Chair, All Churches Insurance Bureau. This was a day of exploring the issue of church buildings and their relevance to mission today

19 July: Ethics and Public Policy: Is there a place for religious values in the public square? A talk by Professor Andrew Bradstock

15 July: Constitution Conversation: This was an informal discussion chaired by Associate Professor Janine Hayward, (Department of Politics), inviting contribution towards the conversation, then to be submitted by the Centre.

14 July: In Search of the Good Society: Theology, secularism and the importance of vision - a talk by Centre Director, Professor Andrew Bradstock, hosted by 'Ephesus', Timaru.

9 July: Love and Terror in the Third Reich. An open lecture by Dr Peter Matheson, Honorary Fellow, Theology and Religion Department.

3 July: A public conversation with Dr Jenny Te-Paa Daniel. Hosted by Professors Kevin Clements and Andrew Bradstock. Watch the podcast here.

27 June: "Parables in the Public Square". This was a unique opportunity to tell and hear ‘stories with meaning’. A parable as we understand, being defined as a succinct story designed to illustrate or teach some truth, principle, moral lesson or (sometimes) a normative principle. This event was held at Governors Cafe, and hosted by the Centre for Theology and Public Issues and Bioethics Centre at the University of Otago.

24 June: Talk and Panel Discussion on 'Recovering the Common Good'. On the panel were Major Campbell Roberts (Director of Social Policy, Salvation Army), Dr Jenny Te-Paa Daniel (Formerly Dean, Tikanga Maori, St John’s College Auckland; Visiting Fellow, National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies), Rt Rev Dr Graham Redding (Principal, Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership), Dr David Clark MP (Labour Member of Parliament for Dunedin North), Fr Kevin Toomey OP (Editor, Tui Motu). Watch the podcast here.

19 June: "Financial predicament vulnerabilities and the end of economic growth". Open lecture given by Nicole Foss, Senior Editor of The Automatic Earth, in association with the Centre for Theology and Public Issues, other University of Otago centres and researchers, and Dunedin Community Groups.

21 May: "What is it about China?". A public forum which explored the growing ties between New Zealand and China. On the panel were Dr Nicholas Khoo (Senior Lecturer, Department of Politics, and specialist in Chinese politics), Professor Sarah Todd (University Pro-Vice-Chancellor, International), Phil Ker (CEO of Otago Polytechnic), Grant Bayldon (Executive Director, Amnesty International Aotearoa/New Zealand), Professor André Everett (School of Management). Watch the podcast here.

9 May: "Hunger on the Farm". Why coffee and cocoa farming is unsustainable for many of the world's producers, and what we can do about it. Public meeting with Justin Purser (Food Manager, Trade Aid Importers, Christchurch).

23 April: "What kind of Equality matters?". Open Seminar with Professor Jonathan Boston (Professor of Public Policy, Victoria University School of Government).

22 April: "Child Poverty - What can we do next?". Open Forum with Professor Jonathan Boston (Co-chair, Expert Advisory Group on Solutions to Child Poverty), Dr Liz Craig (Director of the NZ Child and Youth Epidemiology Service), and Professor Mark Henaghan (Dean of the Faculty of Law and member of the Expert Advisory Group).

22 April: "Climate Change - Where are we now and what do we do next?". Open Lecture and Panel with Professor Jonathan Boston (Professor of Public Policy, Victoria University School of Government), Dr Janet Stephenson ('Risk Assessment for NZ' and Director of the Centre for Sustainability), Professor Colin Campbell-Hunt (Otago Climate Change Network), and Alec Dawson (Generation Zero). Watch the podcast here.

15 April: "Salvation and Soil - Some Challenges for Churches in Contemporary Culture".  A public lecture by Rev Canon Professor Martyn Percy, Principal of Ripon College at Cuddesdon, Oxford, and Professor of Theological Education at King's College London. Martyn Percy was also in conversation with Centre Director Andrew Bradstock ealier in the day. Watch the podcast here.

27 March: 'Doing Democracy in the 21st Century: How one man took on the banks and politicians and won!' - a public conversation with Hordur Torfasun, Icelandic activist. Hordur Torfason was in conversation with Dr Andrew Shepherd.

27 March: 'Recovering the common good' - Auckland Cathedrals' Lenten Course, Session Four. Panelists: Mayor Len Brown, Rt Rev Ross Bay (Anglican Bishop of Auckland), Peter Fa'afiu (Tamaki Redevelopment Company), Sr Anne Hurley (Sisters of Mercy, Wiri), Mgr Bernard Kiely (St Patrick's Cathedral). Listen to Session Four

20 March: 'Recovering the common good' - Auckland Cathedrals' Lenten Course, Session Three. Panelists: Dr Murray Sheard (Founder and Curator, The Kitchen), Rt Rev Jim White (Assistant Bishop of Auckland), Greg Fleming (Director, Maxim Institute), Dr Patricia Neuwelt (Senior Lecturer in Public Health, The University of Auckland) and Chris Trotter (political commentator). Listen to Session Three

13 March: 'Recovering the common good' - Auckland Cathedrals' Lenten Course, Session Two. Panelists: Tim Wilson (writer and journalist), Annah Stretton (fashion designer and businesswoman), Assoc Prof Susan St John (Child Poverty Action Group), Garry Smith (CEO, Selwyn Foundation) and Very Rev Jo Kelly-Moore (Dean, Holy Trinity Anglican Cathedral). Listen to Session Two

6 March: 'Recovering the common good' - Auckland Cathedrals' Lenten Course, Session One. Panelists: Jacinda Ardern MP, Simon O’Connor MP, Dr Jenny Plane-Te Paa (formerly St John's College), Rev Uesifili Unasa (Maclaurin Chaplain, The University of Auckland) and Rev Mua Strickson-Pua (Chaplain, Tagata Pasifika Resource Centre). Listen to Session One

1/2 March: Workshop on community empowerment (with Terry Drummond) at St Chad’s Anglican Parish, Buckley’s Road, Linwood, Christchurch.

26 February: 'Changing the Guard at Rome, Canterbury and Wellington: time for new models of leadership in the 21st-century church?' Panel discussion with Most Rev Colin Campbell, Rev Dr Margaret Mayman, Amy Armstrong, Laura Black and Terry Drummond. Watch podcast here.

25 February: 'Priests, sex and money. Ten years in the life of the Church of England, 2002-12: a study in authority'. Open lecture by Terry Drummond CA (Adviser on urban and public policy to the Anglican Bishop of Southwark).

15 February: Hosted the launch of the Salvation Army's annual state-of-the-nation report, 'She'll Be Right'

28 January: A conversation with Rt Rev Justin Duckworth, Anglican Bishop of Wellington. Hosted by Dr Andrew Shepherd.

2012 events

17 December: The Centre - Past, Present and Future. A report back and discussion on the findings of the on-line survey of the Centre's work conducted earlier in 2012.

11 December: The Public Square with Mike Houlahan, Cr Jinty MacTavish, Dr Nicholas Khoo and Rev Dr Selwyn Yeoman. Watch the podcast here.

21/22/26/27 November: screenings of four lectures given at St John's in the City, Wellington, in August 2012, by Professor William T. Cavanaugh under the title: 'Migration of the Holy: Questioning the myths of the Secular Age’.

26/27 October: 'Recovering the Common Good', Parliament, Wellington (hosted in conjunction with the Christian Lawyers Association Wellington and Catalyst), with Judge Andrew Becroft, Lisa Beech, Dr David Clark MP, Tim Costello, Rob Harley, John Kleinsman, Tim McIndoe MP, Assoc Prof Chris Marshall, Rod Oram, Rt Rev Philip Richardson and Mamari Stephens.

23 October: 'In Defence of the Alienated Neighbour: Christ, Cronulla and Caricature'. Open Lecture by Associate Professor Clive Pearson (Head of School of Theology, Charles Sturt University, Parramatta, NSW).

5-7 October: Christianity & the Ecological Crisis: Lament, Hope, Action (St John's in the City Church, Wellington)

3 October: The Public Square with Prof Jonathan Boston, Louisa Wall MP, Aaron Hawkins and Guy McCallum. Watch podcasthere.

2 October: 'Solutions to Child Poverty: Issues and Options for reducing child poverty in Aotearoa New Zealand'. Public forum on the work of the Expert Advisory Group on Solutions to Child Poverty with: Prof Jonathan Boston (co-chair, EAG), Prof Mark Henaghan (member, EAG) and Dr Liz Craig (Director, NZ Child and Youth Epidemiology Service). Chair: Dr Nicola Atwool.

28 August: 'NO SWEAT: Rutherford Waddell & the Sin of Cheapness'. One-day conference at First Church, Dunedin. Keynote address given by Helen Kelly, President, NZCTU.

22 August: 'Fair Trade: If It Does So Much Good, Why Aren't We All Buying It?' - with panelists Geoff White, Prof David Fielding, Susan Wardell, Jason Taylor and Richard Stainer. Watch podcast here

13 August. 'Re-Defining Marriage: Threat? Right? Or Non-Issue?' With panelists Rev Dr James Harding, Rev Stu Crosson, celebrant Jill McDonald, Rev Nimorata Lale, Neill Ballantyne, and Prof Nicola Peart. Watch podcast here

10 August. 'Liberation Theology: Were reports of its death an exaggeration?' Seminar given by Prof Andrew Bradstock.

3 August. 'Public Broadcasting: Past, Present, No Future?' Panel discussion with respected journalists and media experts Lorraine Isaacs, David Beatson, Colin Peacock, Paul Norris, and Dr Erika Pearson.Watch podcast here.

18 July. 'The Unexamined Society? Reflections on doing Public Theology'. Public lecture given by Centre Director, Prof Andrew Bradstock. Watch podcast here. Download the PDF of the lecture here.

4 July. Theology & Mental Health Symposium. "Inclusion of exclusion: perceptions of those with mental and intellectual handicaps of church," Rev Chris Lee (Baptist pastor, Invercargill); "The Church as sacramental therapeutic community," Rev Jo Fielding (St. John's Anglican Church) & Dr Jubliee Rajiah (consultant psychiatrist); "Welcoming the Stranger," Mike Noonan (International Envoy, L'Arche International); "Spirituality: A long-term cure for depression?", Michelle Hsieh (Pharmacy student, Otago), "A pastoral response to 'medicalizing' sadness," Rev Dr Lynne Baab (Theology & Religion Department); "Spirituality & Mental Health," Dr Richard Egan (Dunedin School of Medicine); "Constructions of Evil," James Connor (registered psychologist); "OCD & Sin", Prof Andrew Bradstock (Theology & Religion Department); "Dementia & Spirituality," Dr Chris Perkins (Director, The Selwyn Centre for Ageing & Spirituality, Auckland); "A search for images of wholeness by a wandering doctor," Dr Peter Strang (GP, Psychiatrist, Chaplain).    

26 June. A Conversation with Major Campbell Roberts, creator and National Director of the Salvation Army's Social Policy and Parliamentary Unit. Major Roberts was in conversation with Professor Murray Rae, Head of the Department of Theology and Religion. Watch the podcast here.

21 June. 'Aspects of Aged Care: Crisis, Costs and Compassion'. Panel discussion with Dr Judy McGregor (NZ Human Rights Commission's Equal Employent Opportunities Commissioner), Gillian Bremner (CEO, Presbyterian Support), Dr Richard Egan (Preventive and Social Medicine), Susan Davidson (Director, Age Concern Dunedin), and Shayne Walker (Department of Social Work). Watch the podcast here.

21 June. A Conversation with Dr Judy McGregor, the NZ Human Rights Commission's Equal Employent Opportunities Commissioner and author of the report, Caring Counts. Dr McGregor was in conversation with Laura Black, Chief Executive, Methodist Mission.

15 June. The Public Square: Meet the Politicians. With Metiria Turei MP (Green Party Co-Leader), Michael Woodhouse MP (National, Senior Party Whip), Rev Dr David Clark MP(Labour, Dunedin North), and Robin Gunston (Party President, United Future).

7 June. 'In Good Faith? Should Government fund faith-based welfare, and what would happen if it didn't?' Panel discussion with Major Campbell Roberts (Salvation Army), Dr Nicola Atwool (Dept of Sociology, Gender and Social Work), Assoc Prof Greg Dawes (Dept of Philosophy), and Gwenda Kendrew (Divisional Manager, Anglican Care South Canterbury). Watch the podcast.

5 June. 'Not Another Strategy! Is there still an economy to develop?' Public forum on Dunedin's draft Economic Development Strategy.

24 May. 'Drawing God in the Public Square: Imaging God in comic books & graphic novels'. A public lecture by Dr Stephen Garner, Theology Department, the University of Auckland.

16 May. A Conversation with Rev Peter Beck. Former Dean of ChristChurch Cathedral speaks with Andrew Bradstock about his new life as a city councillor and the challenges of rebuilding the Garden City. Watch the podcast.

10 May. 'Creative Responses to Extremism: Lessons from the Breivik Trial in Norway'. Panelists: Prof Birgit Brock-Utne (Professor of Peace Studies, researcher/consultant in education and development, Norway), Prof Kevin Clements (Director, National Centre for Peace & Conflict Studies), Assoc Prof Richard Jackson (Deputy Director, Director of Research, NCPCS). Co-hosted by CTPI and NCPCS. Watch the podcast.

9 May. 'The Elephant in the Room: Challenges and opportunities of faith-based NGOs in a post-modern world'. Chris Clarke, CEO, World Vision New Zealand. Co-hosted with the Otago Business School.

26 April. 'Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide: A discussion we need to have'. Panelists: Prof Sean Davison, Hon Maryan Street MP, Prof Grant Gillett, John Kleinsman and Assoc Prof Colin Gavaghan, with presentation of a research paper by Thomas Noakes-Duncan. Watch the podcast.

16 April. 'We Don't 'Do' God": Secularism and the NZ State'. Panelists: Assoc Prof John Stenhouse (History), Rev Dr Lynne Baab (Theology), Glyn Carpenter (Director, NZ Christian Network), and Dr Bryce Edwards (Politics). Watch the podcast.

23 March. 'Religion & the Republic: Mitt, Rick, Newt & God'. Panel discussion on role of religion in US Republican Primaries. American panelists: Emeritus Professor Jim Flynn, Rev Don Shriver, Peggy Shriver, and Rev Dr Lynne Baab. Don is the award-winning author of Honest Patriots: Loving a Country Enough to Remember its Misdeeds.

21 March. Seminar with Emeritus Professor Colin Gibson.

20 March. 'Hymns & Social Justice'. Public lecture given by Emeritus Professor Colin Gibson (English Dep't) one of the world's leading contemporary hymn writers. Download the PDF of the lecture.

14 March. 'A New Global Climate Change Treaty - Can Humanity Deliver? Our Challenge after Durban for 2015'. Public lecture by Prof Jonathan Boston, Victoria University of Wellington. Panel discussion featured Laura Black (Methodist Mission), Kireua Bureimoa (postgraduate student from Kiribati), Cr Jinty MacTavish (Dunedin City Council). Download the PDF of the lecture.

23 February. 'Vulnerable Children' panel discussion, with political commentator Chris Trotter, Prof Mark Henaghan (Dean of Law), Jenny Munro (Otago Youth Wellness Trust), Dr Pauline Gulliver (Injury Prevention Research Unit, Otago). View video recording.

22 February. A Conversation with Chris Trotter. Interviewed by Assoc Prof John Stenhouse (History)

21 February. 'Asset Sales' panel of inquiry at St Paul's Cathedral. View video recording.

17 February. Hosted the launch of the Salvation Army's annual state-of-the-nation report, 'The Growing Divide'

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2011 events

14 December: 'The MMP Referendum: What Next?' with Michael Woodhouse MP, Clare Curran MP, Assoc Prof Janine Hayward and Shane GallagherView the video recording.

1 December: 'World Without Hunger? Population growth, food production and a finite planet' with Dr Chris Rosin, Will Watterson and Scott Willis (hosted jointly with CSAFE)

1 December: Hosted a Fair-Trade breakfast for Dunedin Church leaders, with Will Watterson (NZ Director, Global Poverty Project) and Wyn Barbezat (Trade Aid, Dunedin)

17 November: 'Realizing Dunedin's Potential: Is inequality a factor?' with Paul Barber, Cr Jinty MacTavish, Laura Black, Aaron Hawkins, Neill Ballantyne and Sue Russell

7 November: 'Crouch, touch, pause, sponsor: Rugby - game, product, religion?' with Chris Laidlaw, Prof Steve Jackson and Rev Dr Kevin Ward. Watch the podcast here.

7 November: The Public Square with Chris Laidlaw, Rt Rev Victoria Matthews, Prof Robert Patman, and Anne Stevens. Watch the podcast here.

1 November (Dunedin) and 3 November (Wellington) - Churches' Election Forums

26 October: 'Raising Funds and Raising Friends'

11 October: 'Climate Change: Just sit back and enjoy the grapes?' Public forum with Laura Black, Rod Oram and Dr Jim Salinger (hosted jointly with CSAFE)

26 September: 'A conversation with Chris Marshall'

23 September: The Public Square with Prof William Harris, Aaron Hawkins, Cr Jinty MacTavish and Dr Bryce Edwards.

21 June: 'How to change the world one banana at a time' - public lecture by Harriet Lamb CBE (Director of Fairtrade Foundation UK)

16 June: 'Happy marriage or strange bedfellows? Government, welfare and the role of the church' with Rt Rev Philip Richardson, Gillian Bremner and Rev Dr John Evans

8 June: 'The Downsizing of Christendom - a threat or possibility? Some lessons from an Australian Church' - public lecture by Rev Dr John Evans (Melbourne)

31 May: 'On Shaky Ground: Earthquakes and their consequences' with Rev Dr Peter Carrell, Karen Clements, Dr Andrew Gorman, Sarah Hexamer, Dr Caroline Orchiston and Sue Russell. Watch the video here.

27 May: 'Is the climate change challenge too big for democracies?' - public lecture by Professor Jonathan Boston

26 May: 'So, what did you make of the Budget?' with Prof Jonathan Boston, Dr David Clark, Metiria Turei MP and Michael Woodhouse MP

26 May: 'The Future of Welfare in New Zealand: Reflections on the Welfare Working Group report' with Prof Jonathan Boston and Laura Black

23 May: 'Was the death of Bin Laden a turning point in building a safer world?' with Prof Robert Patman, Prof Kevin Clements, Dr Maryam Purvis and Prof Andrew Bradstock

4 April: 'What's happening in the Middle East?' with Prof David Fielding, Prof William Harris and Mai Tamimi

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2010 events

19 November: 'Politics, Secularism and Faith' with Rt Hon John Battle, Hilary Calvert MP, Dr David Clark, Metiria Turei MP and Michael Woodhouse MP

16 November: 'From fear to respect: Why building healthy interfaith relationships matters, post 9/11. A public lecture by Rt Hon John Battle

21 October: A conversation with Fr Peter Murnane, one of the 'Waihopai Three'

28 September: Conference on Faith, Ethics and Public Life with Jim Wallis

16 August: 'The Public Square' discussion on Crime and Punishment with Michael Woodhouse MP, Clare Curran MP, Janet Sim Elder, Anne Stevens and Paul O'Neill

6 May: A conversation with Paul Oestreicher

3 May: Special event to celebrate Fair Trade Fortnight with Meera Bhattarai, (Pioneer of the Fair Trade movement in Nepal)

12 March: A conversation with Hon Bill English MP, (Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance)

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2009 events

7 December: What role do ethics play in shaping government policy? How can women have more influence in politics? Can religious faith and politics ever mix? A conversation with Meg Munn, former Minister with the Blair and Brown governments

28 October: A breakfast conversation with former Member of the European Parliament, Terry Wynn

9 October: A conversation with Jeanette Fitzsimons, Green Party MP and former Party co-leader

18 September: 'Why are we in this recession? When will it end? What lessons can we learn from it? What are the possibilities going forward? What price sustainability? Is there a spiritual dimension to the crisis?' a conversation with Rod Oram


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