Postgraduate Programmes

The University of Otago College of Education offers postgraduate programmes at the Certificate, Diploma, Master and Doctoral level.

One programme, the Master of Teaching and Learning (MTchgLn) qualifies students to become teachers.

The other programmes do not qualify students to become teachers, rather they provide advanced study in education for those who are already experienced teachers, or who have an undergraduate qualification in education. Several have been specifically designed for teachers, while others are for anyone interested in the study of education.

Our programmes are grounded in academically oriented, research-based studies of educational issues, theories, policies and practices.

The majority of our programmes are able to be completed at a distance.

Notice for PGDipArts(Education), PGCertTchg, PGDipTchg, MTchg, MEd, EdD Students:
Picking papers in eVision for 2015

When you attempt to pick a paper for 2015 in eVision the registration system checks your Otago academic record against that paper’s pre-requisites. Nearly all of our papers have a pre-requisite 54 or 72 300-level EDUX or EDUC points in the university regulations. We waive this, however, for students who have been admitted to our postgraduate programmes. The majority of our students have gained entry via a different study pathway and/or may have come from different tertiary institutions.

Under the old system, you would simply get the code DIR beside the paper name on the printout of your Course Approval form. We would cross that DIR out when we signed the course approval form, indicating that it was ok for you to take that paper because you had been admitted to the programme.

Now in eVision, if the check against your academic record doesn’t find that pre-requisite of Otago 300-level papers, the system will not allow you to pick them and you will get a pop-up message saying that you do not have the pre-requisites and must request Special Permission to do them. It is, unfortunately, the computer logic of the current system, and it will affect just about everybody doing our postgraduate papers.

This is not a barrier to you picking your papers.

If you continue to have problems, the University Information Centre do the technical support for eVision. Give them a ring on 0800 80 80 98 and they will be able to talk you through the process.

Available programmes:

An overview of our postgraduate programmes for teachers and others interested in the study of education is available in our postgraduate pamphlet. PDF 750k

Admission to Programmes

Information on the application and registration process for our postgraduate programmes.


Papers for postgraduate programmes

EDDC911 Doctor of Education Coursework 60 points 12 months
EDUC401 Education in Historical Perspective 20 points Not offered in 2015
EDUC407 Researching Educational Issues 20 points Full year
EDUC421 Mathematics Education: Learning and Teaching 20 points Not offered in 2015
EDUC422 Quantitative Research 20 points Not offered in 2015
EDUC423 Technology-enhanced Learning 20 points Full year
EDUC427 Qualitative Research 20 points Not offered in 2015
EDUC428 Special Topic: Becoming a Research-capable Teacher 40 points Full year
EDUC429 Advanced Independent Studies
20 points Full year
EDUC430 Junior and Young Adult Literature in Cultural Contexts 20 points Not offered in 2015
EDUC431 Special Topic 20 points Not offered in 2015
EDUC432 Digital Technologies and Knowledge Building 20 points First Semester
EDUC433 Special Topic: Living Indigenous Educational Leadership 20 points First semester
EDUC434 Youth Studies 20 points Not offered in 2015
EDUC435 Introduction to Internet-based Learning 20 points Second Semester
EDUC438 Leadership for Learning 20 points Not offered in 2015
EDUC439 Strategic Educational Management 20 points Full year
EDUC440 Critical Analysis of Teaching 20 points Full year
EDUC441 Researching Personal Teaching Practice 20 points Full year
EDUC444 Pacific Education Issues: Culture, Identity and Schooling 20 points Second semester
EDUC451 Inclusive Education 20 points Not offered in 2015
EDUC453 Exercising Professional Leadership 20 points Not offered in 2015
EDUC459 Equality, Diversity and Education 20 points Not offered in 2015
EDUC461 The Construction of Curriculum in Early Childhood Education 20 points Not offered in 2015
EDUC462 Mentoring Teachers 20 points First semester
EDUC463 Issues in Literacy Education
EDUC464 Writing for publication in the Social Sciences 20 points Full year
EDUC465 Science Education for Teachers 20 points Full year
EDUC480 Research Essay 40 points Full year
EDUC580 MEd Dissertation 60 points 12 months
EDUC590 Professional Practice Portfolio 60 points 12 months

For MTchgLn (endorsed in either Primary Education or Secondary Education) papers see here

Postgraduate Research

Information on the application and registration process for our postgraduate programmes.


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