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Research news and awards

Blended learning: The impact of vocational and distance learning initiatives on students’ school experiences.

Project Leaders: Dr Keryn Pratt, Ken Pullar

Partnerships: University of Otago College of Education, OtagoNet and its member schools

This research project aims to explore students’ experiences of a blended form of learning, characterised by nonclassroom, non-traditional forms of learning, such as distance and vocational, alongside more traditional forms. It will explore the experiences of students in the OtagoNet videoconference cluster of schools, both within the ‘classes’ and outside of them, including their learning outcomes and the impact this form of learning is having on them, their teachers, schools, and communities.

Teaching Algebra Conceptually in Years 9 and 10.

Project leader: Dr Chris Linsell.
Partnerships: University of Otago College of Education, St Hilda’s Collegiate, King’s High School.

This project aims to develop approaches to teaching in years 9 and 10 that will assist students in developing a sound conceptual understanding of algebra. Although recent studies have detailed students’ algebraic thinking, there has been no research to date on teaching approaches that make use of these findings.

Learning to become "assessment capable" teachers

Project Leaders: Dr Mary Hill, Associate Professor Bronwen Cowie, Associate Professor Alison Gilmore, and Professor Lisa Smith
Partnerships: University of Auckland, University of Waikato, University of Canterbury and University of Otago

This project aims to enhance understanding about how pre-service teachers learn to use assessment in the service of students’ learning. It will identify pre-service teachers’ understanding of using assessment for learning as they begin and when they exit their pre-service programme.

Dr Ross Notman: Membership of 8-country research consortium to investigate how educators lead high-needs schools (under the auspices of the British and American Educational Leadership Associations.