Interested in postgraduate study in English?

(For information on the Linguistics Programme, please visit their website.)


The Department of English warmly invites students who have completed a BA degree to consider undertaking an Honours year at Otago, or, if they wish to study part-time, to consider a Postgraduate Diploma in Arts over several years.  Both qualifications serve as a necessary step to enter the MA programme and consist of a series of taught papers and a research essay on a topic selected by the candidate. For more information, see the links to the left for ‘400-level papers’ and for the ‘Postgraduate Diploma in Arts Subjects’.

For more details about 400-level study in English see the 400-Level Handbook.


MA or PhD:

Students who have completed a BA Honours or Postgraduate Diploma in the subject at a satisfactory level (normally A- or above) are welcome to apply for an MA, and students who currently already hold an MA are welcome to apply to do a PhD.

Please note that the following requirements are internal to the Department of English. You must also apply to the Division of Humanities for an MA, or to the University for a PhD. If you wish to apply for a scholarship, that requires a further additional application.  However, the first step is to arrange the support of the Department by completing the form below.

For more details about postgraduate study in the Department, see the
English Department Postgraduate Handbook.

All students interested in postgraduate study at Otago must complete the simple online information sheet below that will be forwarded automatically to the Departmental postgraduate coordinator.  Please ensure you have read the instructions and information on the supporting web pages carefully before submitting your form.