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Associate Professor Ian Jamieson

Department of Zoology

Associate Professor Jamieson's research interests include the effects of inbreeding and loss of genetic diversity in threatened species, particularly in translocated island bird populations. Using both pedigree data and microsatellite markers in our analyses his group has recently begun to focus on variation at MHC loci.

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Recent Publications

Grueber, C.E. & Jamieson, I.G. Quantifying and managing the loss of genetic variation in a free-ranging population of takahe through the use of pedigrees. Conservation Genetics 9, 645-651 (2008).

Grueber, C.E., King, T.M., Waters, J.M. & Jamieson, I.G. Isolation and characterization of microsatellite loci from the endangered New Zealand takahe (Gruiformes; Rallidae; Porphyrio hochstetteri). Molecular Ecology Resources 8, 884-886 (2008).

Grueber, C.E., Wallis, G.P. & Jamieson, I.G. Heterozygosity-fitness correlations and their relevance to studies on inbreeding depression in threatened species. Molecular Ecology 17, 3978-3984 (2008).

Jamieson, I.G., Grueber, C.E., Waters, J.M. & Gleeson, D.M. Managing genetic diversity in threatened populations: a New Zealand perspective. New Zealand Journal of Ecology 32, 130-137 (2008).

Taylor, S.S., Boessenkool, S. & Jamieson, I.G. Genetic monogamy in two long-lived New Zealand passerines. Journal of Avian Biology 39, 579-583 (2008).

Taylor, S.S. & Jamieson, I.G. No evidence for loss of genetic variation following sequential translocations in extant populations of a genetically depauperate species. Molecular Ecology 17, 545-556 (2008).


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