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Professor Clive Ronson

Chair in Genetics, Department of Microbiology and Immunology

Professor Clive RonsonClive is a microbial geneticist with primary research interests in how microbes and plants recognise each other and develop a nitrogen-fixing symbiosis, and in microbial evolution by horizontal gene transfer and adaptive mutation.

He is one of two international partners of the Centre for Carbohydrate Recognition and Signalling based in Denmark, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand.

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Clive is the convener of GENE 221 Molecular and Microbial Genetics

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Recent publications

Rodpothong, P., Sullivan, J. T., Songsrirote, K., Sumpton, D., Cheung, K. W. J.-T., Thomas-Oates, J., Radutoiu, S., Stougaard, J. and Ronson, C.W. (2009) Nodulation gene mutants of Mesorhizobium loti R7A – nodZ and nolL mutants have host-specific phenotypes on Lotus species. Mol Plant Microbe Interact. 22, in press.

Ramsay JP, Sullivan JT, Jambari N, Ortori CA, Heeb S, Williams P, Barrett DA, Lamont IL, Ronson CW. (2009) A LuxRI-family regulatory system controls excision and transfer of the Mesorhizobium loti strain R7A symbiosis island by activating expression of two conserved hypothetical genes. Mol Microbiol. 73, 1141–1155.

Ott T, Sullivan J, James EK, Flemetakis E, Günther C, Gibon Y, Ronson C, Udvardi M. (2009). Absence of symbiotic leghemoglobins alters bacteroid and plant cell differentiation during development of Lotus japonicus root nodules. Mol Plant Microbe Interact. 22, 800-880.

Carlton TM, Sullivan JT, Stuart GS, Hutt K, Lamont IL, Ronson CW. (2007). Ferrichrome utilization in a mesorhizobial population: microevolution of a three-locus system. Environ Microbiol. 9, 2923-32.

Miller SH, Elliot RM, Sullivan JT, Ronson CW. (2007) Host-specific regulation of symbiotic nitrogen fixation in Rhizobium leguminosarum biovar trifolii. Microbiology 153, 3184-95.

McIntyre HJ, Davies H, Hore TA, Miller SH, Dufour JP, Ronson CW. (2007) Trehalose biosynthesis in Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. trifolii and its role in desiccation tolerance. Appl Environ Microbiol. 73, 3984-92.

Hubber AM, Sullivan JT, Ronson CW. (2007) Symbiosis-induced cascade regulation of the Mesorhizobium loti R7A VirB/D4 type IV secretion system. Mol Plant Microbe Interact. 20, 255-61.


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