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Schedule and list of Geology papers

We offer a variety of undergraduate and post-graduate papers in earth science. Find out more about the geology papers we offer.

Application information for prospective students

Find out how to apply. Instructions are provided for NZ post-grad and undergrad and international post-grad and undergrad course. See application information for prospective students

Field schools

Fieldwork is an integral component of many papers in our department. Find out more about field schools at the Department of Geology.


A variety of qualifications are available through the geology department. Find out what qualifications we offer and their requirements.

Scholarships and prizes

Most of our PhD students and many of our MSc students are supported by scholarships. We also offer a variety of prizes for undergraduate and post-graduate students. Find out more about scholarships and prizes.

Student comments

We are proud of the quality of teaching we offer. Have a look at some of the comments we have received from students.