Department of Geology


Dr Virginia G Toy

BSc MSc(Auckland) MPhil(ANU) PhD(Otago)

Office - Geology

Tel 64 3479 7506





My major research interests are 

  • Faults and shear zones in the crust and mantle lithosphere
  • Microstructures and texture analysis
  • SW Pacific tectonics

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*Lund Snee, J.E., Toy, V., Gessner, K. Significance of brittle deformation in the footwall of the Alpine Fault, New Zealand: Smithy Creek Fault zone. Journal of Structural Geology. doi: 10.1016/j.jsg.2013.06.002 (in press).

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Postgraduate student supervision

Information on my current postgraduate students, and their research projects.  Also the place to look if you would like to come and do postgrad research with us. Find out more about my current postgraduate student supervision.


I teach at all year levels in the Department of Geology. Find out more about the current teaching I do.

Attention: Prospective graduate students

There are many opportunities for students to become involved in the research projects listed. In particular, I will be looking for more people to become involved in phase 2 of the Alpine Fault drilling project in the next few years. It helps if you have a strong academic background, and good quantitative skills, but it is most important that you are excited about science! If you would like to discuss possible graduate-level opportunities, please do email me. Please include a copy of your CV and academic record, and a really brief note on what aspect of my listed research program interests you.