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Postgraduate students in the Department of Geology


Francesco CappuccioFrancesco Cappuccio


PhD topic: Fracture characterisation and structural and chemical correlations in drilled rock cores by means of automated image analysis, CT scan, and multifractals 
Supervisors: Virginia Toy, Steven Mills (Computer Science)
Email: capfr277[at]

Sebastien Clar_smSebastian Clar


PhD topic: Seismic Oceanography: 3D and Time-Lapse Imaging of Mixing Processes at Water Mass Boundaries off New Zealand
Supervisors: Andrew Gorman, Christina Riesselman, Ross Vennell
Email: clase510[at]

Rosie ColeRosie Cole


PhD topic: Glaciovolcanism in Tongariro National Park, North Island, New Zealand
Supervisors: James White, Graham Leonard(GNS), Christian Ohneiser

Joanna Cooper smJoanna Cooper


PhD title: Investigating water-mass mixing across the Sub-tropical Front east of the South Island using seismic oceanography.
Supervisors: Andrew Gorman, Ross Vennell (Marine Science)
Email: coojo202[at]

Josh Corrie smJosh Corrie


PhD topic: Systematics and morphology of archaic kekenodontids from the Oligocene of New Zealand. 
Supervisor: Ewan Fordyce
Email: josh.corrie[at]

Amber CosteAmber Coste


PhD title: Fossil dolphins (Dalpiazinids)
Supervisors: Ewan Fordyce
Email: cosam991[at]

Grace DukeGrace Duke


PhD topic: Characterising Antarctic primary productivity during the Pliocene using nitrogen bound in frustules
Supervisors: Christina Riesselman, Robert Van Hale (Chemistry) and Rebecca Robinson (University of Rhode Island)
Email: dukgr761[at]

Sheng Fan (Van)Sheng Fan (Van)


PhD topic: Natural Ice Microstructure.
Supervisors: Dave Prior, Christina Hulbe and Heather Purdie
Email: fansh405[at]

Douglas Fraser smDouglas Fraser

New Zealand

PhD title: Seismic characterisation of hydrate / shallow gas systems associated with active margin sediments in the Pegasus Sub-basin, Hikurangi Margin, New Zealand
Supervisors: Andrew Gorman, Ingo Pecher (University of Auckland)

Ian GearyIan Geary

New Zealand

PhD topic: The Miocene to Quaternary macrofossil plant and fungal floras of Auckland and Northland
Supervisor: Daphne LeeJanice Lord (Botany) John Conran (The University of Adelaide)
Email: geaia102[at]

Emanuele-Giacalone_smEmanuele Giacalone


PhD topic: Swinburn Volcano
Supervisor: James White
Email: giaem375[at]

Greer_Gilmer_smGreer Gilmer

New Zealand

PhD topic: Climate records from Auckland Islands, Antarctica and Lake Ohau.
Supervisors:  Chris Moy, Christina Riesselman, Marcus Vandergoes (GNS)
Email: gilgr092[at]

Jasper HoffmanJasper Hoffmann


PhD topic: Geophysics project examining fluid migration and escape features in the Canterbury Basin
Supervisors: Andrew Gorman, Gareth Crutchley (GNS Science), Christian Ohneiser
Email: hofja961[at]

Stephanie JuniorStephanie Junior


PhD topic: Analyzing gold in the mantle, petrological and geochemical studies of New Zealand peridotites.
Supervisor: James Scott
Email: steph.junior[at]

Gemma Kerr smGemma Kerr


PhD topic: Mineralogical and geochemical controls on mine water discharge composition.
Supervisor: Dave Craw
Email: kerge392[at]

Gemma is also a general staff member (part-time)

Martina Kirilova smMartina Kirilova


PhD topic: Deformation processes along the Alpine Fault.
Supervisor: Virginia Toy
Email: martina.a.kirilova[at]

Adrienn Kovacs smAdrienn Lukacs


PhD title: Geophysical characterisation of the Alpine Fault throughout and beneath Whataroa Valley, Haast River and Turnbull River, Westland, New Zealand
Supervisors: Andrew Gorman, Richard Norris
Email: kovad091[at]

Katie MattsKatie Matts


PhD topic: Fossil penguins
Supervisor: Ewan Fordyce
Email: matka014[at]

Risa Matsumura_smRisa Matsumura


PhD topic: Alpine Fault Cataclasites
Supervisors: Virginia Toy, Norio Shigematsu (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Tsukuba)
Email: matri628[at]

Michael May smMichael May


PhD topic: 1886 Maar forming Eruption of Rotomahana, NZ
Supervisor: James White
Email: maymi024[at]

Moyna Mueller smMoyna Mueller

PhD topic: Palaeontology, Hector’s dolphin,  comparative flipper anatomy, morphology and taxonomy
Supervisors: Ewan Fordyce, Jo Stanton, (Anatomy and Structural Biology), Steve Dawson (Marine Science)
Email: moyna.muller[at]

Arran_Murch_smArran Murch

New Zealand/UK

PhD topic: Investigating the fragmentation processes of explosive submarine volcanic eruptions
Supervisor: James White , Dr Rebecca Carey (University of Tasmania)
Email: arranmurch[at]

Giuseppe Re smGiuseppe Re (Peppe)


PhD topic: Maar diatreme system in Hopi Buttes, Navajo Nation, AZ, USA (submitted)
Supervisors: James White, Christian Ohneiser
Email: regi7084 (at)

Jeffrey Robinson smJeffrey Robinson

New Zealand

PhD topic: Fossil and Recent Brachiopods (submitted)
Supervisor: Daphne Lee
Email: jeffreyhrobinson[at]

Alessio PontesilliAlessio Pontesilli


PhD topic: Experimental petrology using Dunedin Volcanic suite
Supervisor: Marco Brenna, Silvio Mollo (University of La Spienza, Rome), Matteo Masotta (University of Pisa)

Kat Sauer smKat Sauer


PhD topic: Influence of fluids and microstructural heterogeneities on the rheological behaviour of large-scale continental faults: Insights from the Alpine Fault mylonite zone, New Zealand
Supervisor: Virginia Toy, Dave Prior
Email: katrina.sauer[at]

Meike Seideman smMeike Seideman


PhD topic: Microstructural evolution of ice during episodic creep.
Supervisors: Dave Prior, Pat Langhorne (Physics), Sean Fitzsimons (Geography)
Email: seime036[at]

Yilun ShaoYilun Shao


PhD topic: Rheological processes in the upper mantle under the South Island of New Zealand
Supervisors: Dave Prior, James Scott, Martin Reyners (GNS Science)
Email: shayi182[at]

Matt TarlingMatt Tarling


PhD topic: Faulting and slip dynamics in ultramafic rocks, using the Livingstone Fault in New Zealand as a case study.
Supervisors: Steve Smith, James Scott
Email: tarma723[at]

Andrea-Verolino_smAndrea Verolino


PhD topic: Surtseyan volcanism: case studies from Pahvant Butte and Black Point (Western USA), and Surtsey (Iceland)
Supervisors: James White
Email: veran321[at]

Jack Williams smJack Williams


PhD topic: Characterisation of fractures in fault damage zones (submitted)
Supervisors: Virginia Toy, Steve Smith
Email: wilja541[at]

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Master of Science (MSc)

Cameron Abbey smCameron Abbey

New Zealand

MSc topic: Seismic characterisation of submarine canyons off the Otago coast
Supervisor: Andrew Gorman
Email: c.abbey[at]

Menuka AnandaniMenuka Anandani


MSc topic: Natural aggregate resource of Fiji Islands-characteristics that affect the composition, quality, and possible uses
Supervisors: Mike Palin, Candace Martin
Email: aname200[at]

Dylan Baker smDylan Baker

New Zealand

MSc topic: Gas hydrates in New Zealand basins
Supervisor: Andrew Gorman
Email: bakdy008[at]

Rachael BaxterRachael Baxter

New Zealand

MSc topic: Investigating dikes at Allans Beach, using geochemistry to gain insight into the magmatic system and initial evoution of the Dunedin Volcanic Complex.
Supervisor: James White
Email: baxra224[at]

Michael BollenMichael Bollen

New Zealand

MSc topic: Holocene-Pleistocene paleoceanography in the Ross Sea, Antarctica.
Supervisors: Christina Reisselman, Christian Ohneiser
Email: bolmi518[at]

Elliot BowieElliot Bowie

New Zealand

MSc topic: Validations of ground motion simulations using precarious rocks
Supervisor: Mark Stirling
Email: elliot.b[at]

Lisa CrawLisa Craw

New Zealand

MSc topic: Microstructure and mechanics of flowing Antarctic ice
Supervisor: Dave Prior
Email: crali915[at]

Kieran CrookbainKieran Crookbain

New Zealand

MSc topic: EBSD analysis of clast-cotex grains in carbonate earthquake slip zones
Supervisor: Steve Smith

Patrick FletcherPatrick Fletcher

New Zealand

MSc topic: A seismic investigation into the relationship between gas hydrates and heat flow across the Hikurangi Margin
Supervisor: Andrew Gorman
Email: flepa752[at]

Dannielle FougereDannielle Fougere

New Zealand

MSc topic: Seismic characterisation of gas hydrates in the Pegasus basin, New Zealand
Supervisor: Andrew Gorman
Email: fouda188[at]

Andy Holt smAndy Holt


MSc topic: Analysis of and mapping of strata and overburden using seismology and other GIS techniques.
Supervisors:  Andrew Gorman
Email: holan932[at]

Carrie JewissCarrie Jewiss

New Zealand

MSc topic: Mass balanced acid mine drainage study of the Denniston Plateau, West Coast
Supervisors: Dave Craw, James Pope (CRL)
Email: jewca391[at]

Alastair KingAlastair King

New Zealand

MSc topic: An investigation into the paragenesis and structure of high-grade, high angle, gold veins at Macraes in the Hyde Macraes Shear Zone
Supervisor: Doug MacKenzie
Email: kinal762[at]

Aleasha King

New Zealand

MSc topic: tbd

Emma Kluge smEmma Kluge


MSc topic: Using geophysical methods to study fluids in fault zones.
Supervisors: Virginia Toy , Christian Ohneiser

Tim LutterTim Lutter

New Zealand

MSc topic: Gravitational and Magnetic Modelling
Supervisor: Andrew Gorman, Doug MacKenzie
Email: lutti553[at]

Henry ManneringHenry Mannering

New Zealand

MSc topic: Pleistocene to Pliocene Deep Water Circulation, in the Southern Ocean offshore of the Pennel Coast
Supervisor: Christian Ohneiser
Email: mannering.h.c[at]

Loren Mathewson smLoren Mathewson

New Zealand

MSc topic: Deep fault drilling project online drilling collecting mud-gas isotope data (H2, He, N, O, CH, Ar, CO2)
Supervisor: Virginia Toy, Sarah Mager (Geography)
Email: matlo181[at]

Jasmine MawsonJasmine Mawson

New Zealand

MSc topic: Submarine eruptive processes in the Brook Street Terrane
Supervisors: James White, Mike Palin

Christine McLachlan smChristine McLachlan

New Zealand

MSc (Environmental Science) topic: Characterisation of mine waste and water of historic and active gold mines
Supervisors: Dave Craw, James Pope (CRL)

Rebecca ParkerRebecca Parker

New Zealand

MSc topic: Holocene paleoclimates and paleoceanography within the Ross Sea, Antarctica using marine sediment cores
Supervisor: Christina Riesselman
Email: rebeccaparkernz[at]

Nathaniel ParsonsNathaniel Parsons

New Zealand

MSc topic: Acoustic properties of sea ice
Supervisor: Dave Prior

Edward PerkinsEdward Perkins

New Zealand

MSc topic: Seismic characterisation of buried glacial channels on the leeward shelf of Auckland Island.
Supervisor: Andrew Gorman
Email: pered045[at]

Tiffany PlencnerTiffany Plencner


MSc (Marine Science) topic: Pilot whale hearing structure
Supervisors: Ewan Fordyce, Steve Dawson (Marine Science)
Email: pleti480[at]

Marcus Richards smMarcus Richards

New Zealand

Msc topic: Marine Vertebrates of the Maniototo, Otago
Supervisors: Ewan Fordyce
Email: marcus.richards[at]

Tom RitchieTom Ritchie

New Zealand

Msc topic: Garnet sands on the West Coast, NZ
Supervisors: Dave Craw, James Scott
Email: ritth444[at]

Andrew RobertsonAndrew Robertson

New Zealand

MSc topic: Investigating the structure and properties of the Ross Ice Shelf using the reflection and conversion of seismic waves.
Supervisors: Andrew Gorman, Dave Prior
Email: roban375[at]

Bryce RobinsonBryce Robinson

New Zealand

MSc topic: Mineralogy, structure, alteration footprints and paragenesis of the Waipori and surrounding Lake Mahinerangi gold deposits, Otago, New Zealand.
Supervisor: Doug MacKenzie
Email: robbr187[at]

Catherine SangsterCatherine Sangster

New Zealand

MSc topic: Seismic investigation of earthquake hazards in South Dunedin.
Supervisors: Andrew Gorman, Mark Stirling
Email: sanca510[at]

Emma ScanlanEmma Scanlan

New Zealand

MSc topic: A geochemical study of scheelite paragenesis in Glenorchy, New Zealand
Supervisor: James Scott
Email: scaem322[at]

Fraser ShandFraser Shand

New Zealand

MSc Topic: Conditions, style and paragenesis of mineralisation in the Cascade Creek porphyry Cu-Mo deposit, Westland.
Supervisor: James Scott
Email: shafr163[at]

Dave SunDave Sun


MSc topic: Garnet pyroxenites in the Kakanui Mineral Breccia
Supervisor: James Scott

Briar Taylor-SilvaBriar Taylor-Silva

New Zealand

MSc topic: Akatore Fault Paleoseismology
Supervisor: Mark Stirling, Nicola Litchfield (GNS)
Email: taybr805[at]

Olivia TruaxOlivia Truax


MSc topic: A paleomagnetic, geochemical, and diatom based record of Holocene paleoclimate evolution from Robertson Bay, Antarctica
Supervisors: Christina Riesselman, Gary Wilson (Marine Science)
Email: truol520[at]

Mathew VannerMathew Vanner

New Zealand

MSc topic: Fossilised Wood of Southland and Otago
Supervisors: Daphne Lee, Uwe Kaulfuss
Email: vanma943[at]

Astrid VetrhusAstrid Vetrhus


MSc topic: Earthquake-generated landslides in the Southern Alps
Supervisors: Karen Mair (University of Oslo)Virginia Toy, Mark Stirling
Email: vetas555[at]

Yuval YagolnitzerYuval Yagolnitzer

Israeli, New Zealander

MSc topic: The Pigroot Duality, an experimental analysis of the Pigroot phonolite
Supervisor: Marco Brenna
Email: yuval.yagolnitzer[at]

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Bachelor of Science with Honours (BSc(Hons))

Stephie TayStephie Tay


BSc(Hons) topic: Environmental Geochemistry of Historic Mine Tailings at Alexander Mine, Reefton
Supervisors: James Scott, Dave Craw
Email: tayst598[at]

Victoria WilsonVictoria Wilson


BSc(Hons) topic: Characterisation of paragenesis of gold and tungsten deposits in the Bendigo area near to Cromwell in Central Otago
Supervisors: James Scott, Dave Craw
Email: wilvi053[at]

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Postgraduate Diploma in Science (PGDipSci)

Donna CondonDonna Condon


PGDipSci topic: tbd
Supervisors: Christian Ohneiser, Daphne Lee
Email: condo821[at]

Talal KadadaTalal Kadada


PGDipSci topic(2015): Geophysical investigation of the Canterbury and Great South Basins
Supervisor: Andrew Gorman
Email: tgeologist1[at]

Nicole StannardNicole Stannard


PGDipSci topic: Reconstructing ancient current strength in the Ross Embayment
Supervisor: Christian Ohneiser
Email: stani202[at]

Cléa-Anaïs ThomasCléa Thomas


COP topic: Fault network evolution in Triassic sandstones and siltstones at Kaka Point, New Zealand
Supervisor: Steven Smith
Email: thocl545[at]

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Students co-supervised by geology staff

These are students that have primary supervisors and office spaces in other departments. They have secondary supervisors in the Department of Geology.

Chris AebigChris Aebig

PhD topic: Reconstructing holocene paleoclimates in the Auckland Islands using lacustrine sediment cores.
Supervisors: Kim Hageman (Chemistry), Chris Moy
Email: aebch718[at]

Dylan GaffneyDylan Gaffney

MA (Archaeology) topic: Pottery in SE Asia and the Pacific
Supervisors: Glen Summerhayes(Archaeology), Anne Ford (Archaeology), James Scott

Sophie GanglSophie Gangl

PhD (Chemistry) topic: Geochemical characterization of the development of OAE-2 (C/T boundary) using C isotopes and redox-sensitive metal isotopes
Supervisors: Claudine Stirling (Chemistry), Matthew Clarkson (Chemistry), Chris Moy
Email: ganso923[at]

Helen HeathHelen Heath

MA (Archaeology) topic: Pottery in SE Asia and the Pacific
Supervisors: Glen Summerhayes(Archaeology), Anne Ford (Archaeology), James Scott

Alex ScahillAlex Scahill

MA (Archaeology) topic: Pottery in SE Asia and the Pacific
Supervisors: Glen Summerhayes(Archaeology), Anne Ford (Archaeology), James Scott

Risha SinghRisha Jasmine Singh

PhD (Toxicology) topic: Biosorption of Heavy Metals from Water
Supervisors: Rhonda Rosengren (Pharmacology and Toxicology), Candace Martin
Email: sinri581[at]

Robert Smith smRobert Smith


PhD topic: Water mass mixing processes across the Subtropical and Subantarctic fronts near New Zealand
Supervisors: Ross Vennell (Marine Science) and Andrew Gorman
Email: robsmithrobsmith[at]

Nick SuttonNick Sutton

MA (Archaeology) topic: Pottery in SE Asia and the Pacific
Supervisors: Glen Summerhayes(Archaeology), Anne Ford (Archaeology), James Scott

Pei-hua Wu smPei-hua Wu

PhD topic: Lapita to Post-Lapita Pottery Transition in West New Britain, Papua New Guinea
Supervisors: Glen Summerhayes (Archaeology), Dave Prior
Email: peihuawu1107[at]

Pat WongpanPat Wongpan

PhD topic:  Sea ice microstructure and processes
Supervisors: Pat Langhorne (Physics), Dave Prior, Inga Smith (Physics)

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