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Student comments on studying in the Department of Geology

EAOS111 Earth and Ocean Science (first semester)

EAOS 2011 evaluations

"Great introduction to a wide range of Earth science topics. It was great having experts on each topic lecturing, rather than one person doing a poor job of all topics."
"Good idea to have field trips and perfect set up with 2 lab tests & exam during the paper. All content is great!!"
"Rocks and minerals labs & lectures were awesome (also known as 'stimulating or rewarding')."
"Paleontology and oceanography were very interesting and the lecturers were great."
"The information & style of teaching were good. The field trips and labs were great."
"It was rewarding to learn about larger scale processes which I hadn't realized affected me."
"Using current and interesting examples of the topic during the lecture stimulated me to want to understand the processes at work."

EAOS 2013 evaluations

"I love the range of topics. The multiple lecturers gave a chance for everybody to have a teaching style that suited them."
"It's nice to understand the processes happening around us."
"I've found everything interesting and eye-opening."
"Didn't realize how much I didn't know about New Zealand!"
"Good introduction to other papers; allowed me to see what I was really interested in."
"It's both intriguing and complex. It challenges me, but not to an extent of stressfulness..."
"Was originally just an interest paper, now continuing in Geology."
"It showed me aspects of our Earth and ocean I had never considered before."
"Found a new passion - of geology."
"Came to NZ to study geology and geography and this has proved I made the right choice!"

GEOL112 Dynamic Earth, a New Zealand Perspective (second semester)