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Choosing additional papers for geology undergraduate degrees

There are different requirements if you are completing your geology BSc or BSc(Hons) degree using the new regulations vs. the old regulations.

Approved papers under geology old regulations

Under the old regulations  72 points (typically 4 papers) must be chosen from the list below to fulfill the requirements for BSc and BSC(Hons) in geology.


Requirements for additional papers under the new regulations

Under the new regulations

  • MATH160 is required and 18 points (1 further paper) from BIOL, BTNY, CELS, CHEM, ECOL, PHSI, ZOOL at 100-Level
  • 144 further points (usually 8 papers) are required throughout your degree; must include 36 points (usually two papers) at 200-level or above. Up to 90 points may be taken from outside Science. You may decide to take some of the papers on the list below.

Deciding which papers to take

To help you decide the best papers to complement your geology degree we provide here:

  • links to the information about the papers on department websites
  • information about how these subject areas tie-in or complement a geology degree
  • contact/s within the department familiar with a specific subject matter

Biology (BIOL) papers

Geology tie-in BIOL123-Paleo-botany. BIOL112-Paleontology
Geology contacts

BIOL112- Ewan Fordyce, BIOL113 -Daphne E Lee

Botany (BTNY) papers

Papers BTNY papers
Geology tie-in Paleo-botany.
Geology contact

Daphne E Lee

Chemistry (CHEM) Papers

Papers CHEM papers
Geology tie-in Geochemistry
Geology contacts

Candace Martin, Chris Moy, Dave Craw

Ecology (ECOL) papers

Papers ECOL papers
Geology tie-in Paleontology
Geology contact

Ewan Fordyce



COMP/COSC papers taught by Comp sci department

COMP/INFO papers taught by Information Science, school of business

Geology tie-in

Computers are increasingly being used for geology related work. A solid foundation in computing is useful for any student planning to complete a geology degree.

Geology contact

Andrew Gorman

MATH, STAT and BSNS papers


MATH and STAT papers

Geology tie-in General and advanced mathematics and statistics skills are very useful for all geology students. For example, structural geologists routinely employ matrix and linear algebra methods, while paleoclimate reconstruction relies on statistical correlation of time series. Basic trigonometry, algebra, and understanding of scientific notation are required for all geology subjects. We recommend that you continue to use and practice mathematical skills throughout a science degree in order to be able to draw on them as needed.
Geology contacts

Virginia Toy, Dave Prior, Andrew Gorman

Physics (PHSI) papers

Papers PHSI papers
Geology tie-in An understanding of physics is useful for geology students especially those planning to persue subject areas such as rheology, structural geology, geophysics etc.
Geology contacts

Virginia Toy, Dave Prior, Andrew Gorman

Surveying (SURV) Papers

Papers SURV102, SURV202, SURV208, SURV309
Geology tie-in

SURV208 - This paper covers the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Understanding GIS is useful for any subject which has a spatial component (e.g. Geology).

SURV309 - Remote sensing and photogrammetry is used in Geology for the creation/acquisition of DEM, imagery and 3D modelling.

Geology contacts

Luke Easterbrook, Doug MacKenzie, Dave Craw. Andrew Gorman

Zoology (ZOOL) Papers

Papers ZOOL papers
Geology tie-in


Geology contact

Ewan Fordyce