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Study Politics at Summer School 2017

Friday, 18 November 2016 11:24am

In 2017, Politics is offer two papers at Summer School, POLS301 and POLS317.

Spend your summer learning POLS and earning points!

Poster of POLS301POLS301 Power and Liberty

An introduction to the complex and contested nature of the concept of power, and the different ways in which power shapes and constrains human liberty. A variety of theories and theorists will be considered, drawing from the ancient, modern, and contemporary periods in the history of ideas.

This paper examines the contested nature of the concepts of liberty and power and the different ways that power shapes and constrains our liberty. Are we freer the less we are constrained by the power of the state? Or does freedom involve more than being left alone to do whatever we wish? Can laws be a source of liberation? Is the will to power a cause for celebration or the curse of modern existence? Is modern surveillance empowering, or is it the latest method forcing us to conform? In exploring these questions we draw on a variety of thinkers in the history of modern political thought from Machiavelli to Foucault.

Poster of POLS317POLS317 News Media and International Crises

The interaction between the news media and the state during international crises, examples of which include traditional wars, 'uncivil wars' and the 'war on terror'.

Why do the media report some international crises and not others? And why do they report them the way they do? Do the media provide a distorted picture of wars, terrorism, protest and environmental disasters?

Hear from our Summer School staff

Associate Professor Vicki Spencer, coordinator of POLS301, and Dr Chris Rudd, lecturer of POLS317, spoke to Radio1 about the two papers - listen here.

Summer School 2017

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