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Postgraduate Research

Our postgraduate students have travelled from all over the world to learn from our researchers and to access facilities and knowledge that can only be found at Otago.

Exceptional Doctoral Theses in the Division of Humanities

We like to celebrate excellence at every level, and we take great pleasure in announcing that the following Doctoral candidates have presented theses of exceptional quality.

A thesis is of exceptional quality when all three examiners of a candidate's thesis agree that the thesis is of an exceptional standard in every respect – research content, originality, quality of expression and accuracy of presentation – and is amongst the top 10% of theses examined.

2017 Exceptional Theses

Jerram Bateman, Department of Geography: Rural livelihoods in Sierra Leone: Longitudinal insights from Panguma and Kayima

(Primary Supervisor: Professor Tony Binns).

For more information on Jerram’s work, please contact the Geography Department by email at

Sarah Fraser, Department of Sociology, Gender and Social Work: Is there a suit missing in the social worker's wardrobe? A study of the nature and extent of an educator role in everyday social work practice in Aotearoa New Zealand

(Primary Supervisor: Dr Lynnette Briggs).

For more information on Sarah’s work, please contact the Sociology, Gender and Social Work Department by email at

Karen Greig, Department of Anthropology and Archaeology: Tracking dogs across the Pacific: an archaeological and ancient DNA study.

(Primary Supervisor: Professor Richard Walter).

For more information on Karen’s work, please contact the Anthropology and Archaeology Department by email at

Rachel Rafferty, National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies: Civil society activists in a protracted conflict: Explaining differences in motivation to engage in intergroup peacebuilding in Northern Ireland

(Primary Supervisor: Dr. Katerina Standish).

For more information on Rachel’s work, please contact the National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies by email at

Masoumeh Rahmani, Department of Theology & Religion: Drifting through Samsara: Tacit conversion and disengagement in Goenka's Vipassana movement in New Zealand.

(Primary Supervisor: Associate Professor Will Sweetman).

For more information on Masoumeh’s work, please contact the Theology & Religion Department by email at

Susan Robson, Faculty of Law: Policy, operations and outcomes in the New Zealand employment jurisdiction 1990-2008

(Primary Supervisor: Professor Paul Roth).

For more information on Susan’s work, please contact the Faculty of Law by email at

Tracy Rogers, Higher Education Development Centre: 'Doing the work of hearing': Exploring Cambodian school girls' educational persistence

(Primary Supervisor: Dr Vivienne Anderson).

For more information on Tracy’s work, please contact the Higher Education Development Centre by email at

Luca J. Uberti, Department of Politics: Good-governance, corruption and growth: A political economy of post-socialist industrial transformation in Albania and Kosovo, 1998-2015.

(Primary Supervisor: Professor Philip Nel)

For more information on Luca’s work, please contact the Politics Department by email at

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2016 Exceptional Theses

Megan Gollop, Children's Issues Centre: Moving on? Parents' perspectives on the impact of post-separation relocation disputes

(Primary Supervisor: Associate Professor Nicki Taylor).

For more information on Megan’s work, please contact the Children's Issues Centre by email at

Naomi Johnstone, Faculty of Law: Access to justice in the wake of war. Rule of law programming and customary justice in post-conflict Bougainville

(Primary Supervisor: Professor Jacinta Ruru)

For more information on Naomi’s work, please contact the Faculty of Law by email

Sharon Matthews, Department of English and Linguistics: The monstrous mother and the "natural man": Mythic figures and recurring metaphors in the plays of James K. Baxter.

(Primary Supervisor: Professor Alistair Fox).

For more information on Sharon’s work, please contact the Department of English and Linguistics by email

Ashley Samantha Murchison, Department of Politics: Aim for the heart? A study of New Zealand voter's responses to emotional appeals in televised political advertising

(Primary Supervisor: Dr. Christopher Rudd).

For more information on Ashley’s work, please contact the Department of Politics by email at

Thomas Michael Ian Noakes-Duncan, Department of Theology and Religion: Communities of restoration: Ecclesial ethics and restorative justice

(Primary Supervisor: Professor Murray Rae)

For more information on Thomas’s work, please contact the Department of Theology and Religion by email at

Joanne Oranje, Department of English and Linguistics: Intercultural communicative language teaching: Enhancing awareness and practice through cultural portfolio projects

(Primary Supervisor: Dr Anne Feryok)

For more information on Joanne’s work, please contact the Department of English and Linguistics by email at

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