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Living & Working in New Zealand

New Zealand's beauty is spectacular and unforgettable. There are high snow-clad mountains, volcanoes, fiords, rainforests, lakes, beaches, and rolling green pasture. Most tourist and recreational areas are only one or two hours' drive from major cities.

New Zealand is a multicultural South Pacific nation. Aotearoa is its Māori name. The Māori, New Zealand's indigenous population, migrated from Polynesia around 1000 years ago. They comprise 14% of New Zealand's population. The majority of New Zealanders are of British and Irish heritage, but other European influences are noticeable. In more recent years a large number of Pacific Islanders have come to live here from countries such as Fiji, Samoa and Tonga. There are also large numbers of other nationalities, including recent Asian and European immigrants, who make up New Zealand's 4.2 million population.



The University of Otago has a Relocation Co-ordinator whose role it is to co-ordinate your overall relocation and provide settlement support. Based in Human Resources, the Relocation Co-ordinator will proactively work with you to identify settlement support requirements.

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