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New Zealand covers approximately the same area as Great Britain, making it one of the least crowded countries in the world and a haven for peace and relaxation. New Zealanders are friendly, easy-going people. They welcome visitors warmly and are interested in meeting those from other cultures who come to enjoy what New Zealand has to offer. New Zealanders share a passion for the great outdoors. They love going to the beach, swimming, surfing and whale watching in the Pacific Ocean. Many New Zealanders spend time sailing and windsurfing and the more adventurous enjoy the thrills of white water rafting, jet boating and bungy jumping. "Kiwis", as New Zealanders are often known (not to be confused with the luscious brown furry fruit of the same name), also love hiking and walking in the many forests and mountains, fishing, skiing and snowboarding.

New Zealand is a sports-oriented country. New Zealanders are renowned for their sporting prowess and passion for rugby, yachting and netball. Most New Zealanders take part in or watch a wide variety of games including cricket, soccer, golf, squash, basketball, badminton, hockey, tennis, cycling, athletics, skiing and snow boarding.

New Zealand has a broad-based economy. Our major export products include meat, fish, fruit, dairy products and timber. We also produce an increasing number and range of manufactured goods and are at the forefront in many areas of information technology and in biological and medical research. Tourism and education are also becoming increasingly important to the economy.

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