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Relocation Support

We understand that relocating to New Zealand is a big challenge for you and your family, and there are many things to consider. The more prepared you are for the move, the easier it should be.

The University of Otago has a Relocation Co-ordinator whose role it is to co-ordinate your overall relocation and provide settlement support. Based in Human Resources, the Relocation Co-ordinator will proactively work with you to identify settlement support requirements. Depending on what your requirements are, the Relocation Co-ordinator may be able to advise and assist you directly, or they may refer you to our preferred relocation provider (Crown Management Services).

Useful University websites

University of Otago Staff Families Association

Staff Families exists to help the partners and children of all newcomers to establish themselves as quickly as possible and make new friends.

Higher Education Development Centre

Offers assistance with evaluation of teaching and provides an ongoing series of workshops to support academic staff in their teaching and research.


Dunedin Settlement Advice


Frequently Asked Questions

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