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HR information and resources for:

  • Current University of Otago staff
  • Prospective staff; the Your Career section
  • New staff; the Welcome On Board section
  • Managers and Administrators; the Managers' Toolkit

Questions & Answers

JavaScript must be enabled to use the FAQ Answers and Ask A Question features.

The FAQ Answers page lists our most popular answers on opening

At any stage click on to the Ask A Question tab to ask a more specific question or lodge a request in Touchpoint.

You will find answers to frequently asked questions throughout the site and on the site search results page.

You can also search within FAQ topics using the FAQ Answers page:

  • Select a Topic and/or enter Search Text
  • Search Results will appear as you type. Ten results are shown at a time. Use the Next and Previous buttons to see more
  • Click on a question to see the answer. From within an answer click Search Again to return to the list


Username / Password
If prompted please use university username prefixed with registry\
E.g. registry\bonja07p

Beta Release
Validated in Microsoft Internet Explorer (6.0+). We are working towards an approprite level of browser support with the supplier. Your feedback is welcome.

Touchpoint enables you to:

  • Approve an online form
  • View answers to frequently asked questions
  • Ask a question (raise a service request)
  • Track a service request
  • Fill in and submit an online form

Go to Touchpoint

Further support from your HR Administrator
Information on navigation in Touchpoint
Information on raising a service request
Information on tracking a service request


Online Forms within Touchpoint

You will find a full list of forms in Documents & Policy. Throughout the site online versions appear as:

Online Form  

Login is as noted above for Touchpoint.

There are a number of standard form sections (click image below to see reference numbers):

[1-2] Lodged By and Customer Details: Your name will be pre-populated in these sections. If you are lodging the request on behalf of another employee, click Remove within Customer Details and select the employee using the Name field.

[3] Form Information: Read this guidance.

[4-5] Request Details: Complete these sections as indicated. The number and type of sections varies per form.

[6] Assignment: Select the Approver for your request by setting the Action Officer field to Individual and entering the Approver's name.

[7] Press the Save button at the bottom to lodge your request.

Approving an Online Form

Approvers will receive an email, which includes instructions on handling the request.

For personalised assistance, please contact your HR Administrator.


To play videos in the Welcome On Board and Your Career sections click on the play icon.

Alternatively there is control bar below the video where you can play, pause, fast forward, rewind, mute and turn captions on.

You can also toggle the video and control bar size to and from full page width. Please note that toggling the size may restart the video.

Staff Web Kiosk

We are in the process of updating this information.




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