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Saurabh Malgaonkar

7.07, Commerce
+64 3 479 8317
Sherlock Licorish, Tony Bastin Roy Savarimuthu
Prioritizing remedial efforts for software products and services through the use of users' reviews.
Software Engineering, Requirements Engineering, Data Mining & Visualization, Machine Learning, Prioritization, Ensemble Learning

Saurabh's research aims to find and extract the problems faced by people when using a particular software. In the later stage of the research, these identified problems get prioritized so that the severe ones get fixed first by the software team followed by the rest.

Applications of this research can also be extended to:

  • Qualitative feedback analysis of softwares and provide a substantial support for businesses marketing
  • Gauging public opinions on mobile apps and building support bases for mobile app developers
  • Predicting the priorities of the medical problems of a patient diagnosed with certain conditions
  • Provide a framework for the researchers to conduct natural experiments and test social hypothesis for their respective domains
  • Helping the education system to prioritize the most successful learning methods or the features most liked by the students.(support e-Learning) and many more.