Interesting Facts

Did you know…

21 million

Black and white pages are printed by Uniprint every year.


Is the number of exam scripts printed by Uniprint every year.

We are ranked in the top ten in New Zealand

Of ICT organisations participating in the 2012 MIS100 survey.


Is the number of items our Campus Couriers deliver around campus every year.

48,000+ per year

Is the number of times customers have contacted the ITS Service Desk.
80% of contact is made through email and telephone.


Is the number of jobs that Uniprint have completed for customers every year.


of University of Otago students responding to the ITS Student Access Survey 2012 have broadband Internet access.


Otago Podcasts were downloaded in 2012.


floppy disks' worth of Internet traffic is used by the University of Otago each day - that's a stack of 1.44MB disks 9.2 kilometres high!


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