Alert: Google Drive/Docs Security Issue

Google Drive (formerly Google Docs) users should not use domain email addresses to access shared documents as this is a security issue. A problem arises when a Google Drive document is shared with an user, and the recipient is prompted to login to Google Apps with their account which is not valid. It is suspected that the cause is a bug in Google Drive where it mistakenly thinks a recipient has a Google Apps for Otago account, and thus creates a shared link that requires a Google Apps login. The University of Otago does not use Google Apps for Otago.

The Information Security Office has disabled the ability for Google Apps for Otago users to receive Google Drive documents from outside the domain. Hopefully, this will prevent the bug condition, as Google will then either generate a non-Google Apps link, or prompt the sender to specify a non-@otago account for the recipient.

If you have access to Google Apps for Otago, use a email address such as a Gmail account to use Google Drive shared documents.

Please contact the Information Security Office if you need more information about this situation.


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