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 Scheduled Outage: Future and Current state wireless and Wired networks - As per schedule in description - Monday, 31 July 2017, 6:00 AM - Monday, 7 August 2017, 9:00 PM

Timeframe:  As per schedule below

Services Affected:

  • Future and Current state wireless and Wired networks in buildings listed below

Audience: People using network access in buildings listed

Network maintenance is to take place during this period, which will cause intermittent network connectivity for the wired and wireless Future State and Current state networks as listed below.

Note that if dates or times will be an issue for your department department please contact the ITS Service Desk before 5pm on the 21st and if necessary the work can be rescheduled.

Monday 31 July - 06:00am to 08:00am

  • C202 Otago Foundation Trust Board Building
  • C401 Jamieson building
  • C405 Te Rangi Hiroa
  • D220 Westpac Trust
  • D402 Hayward College
  • D501 Corporate Records
  • D502 Corporate Records store
  • D601 Leith Loans
  • D602 Leith Loans Bindery
  • F918 DMHDRU
  • G602 University College South Tower
  • G603 University College North Tower
  • G606 University College North Annexe
  • G607 University College South Annexe

Monday 31 July - 19:00 pm to 21:00pm

  • G401 Science 1
  • G403 Biochemistry
  • G404 Microbiology Building
  • G411 St David Lecture Theatre

Tuesday 1st August - 06:00am to 08:00am

  • C204 MRI
  • D205 Scott Buidling
  • D206 Hercus Building
  • D401 Cumberland College
  • D403 Surveying Marine Science
  • D404 Cumberland College Castle Wing
  • E201 Walsh /Dental

Tuesday 1st August - 22:00 pm to 23:59 pm

  • F419 Information Services Building (ISB)
  • F505 Richardson Building

Wednesday, 2nd August - 06:00am to 08:00am

  • D201 Adams Building
  • D203 Sayers Building
  • D204 Lindo Ferguson

Wednesday, 2nd August - 19:00 pm to 21:00pm

  • E301 Hunter Centre
  • F402 University Union
  • F513 262 Leith Walk
  • G405 Science 3
  • H533 Alumni
  • H534 Otago University Flats
  • H535 Accomodation Services
  • H536 Accomodation Services

Thursday, 3rd August - 06:00am to 08:00am

  • G502 Clock Tower
  • G503 Scott Shand,
  • G504 Black Sale
  • G505 Geology
  • G506 Marama Hall
  • G507 Archway Building
  • H421 Centre for Innovation

Thursday, 3rd August - 19:00 pm to 21:00pm

  • E207 Zoology Annexe
  • E209 Marples Building
  • E212 Benham Building
  • E213 Parker Building
  • E305 Physiotherapy Building
  • E308 Student Health Services
  • E315 71 Frederick Street
  • F204 444 Great King St
  • F516 Humanities Annexe 2  99 Albany St
  • F517 Humanities Annexe 1  97 Albany St
  • F601 Information Science, J967 Portobello Marine Science

Friday, 4th August - 06:00am to 08:00am

  • F403 OUSA
  • F405 Smithells Gym
  • F409 HEDC
  • F410 Union Court
  • F503 Archway Lecture Theatres
  • F507 Consumer and Applied Science
  • F508 Archway Lecture Theatres
  • F510 Leith Walk Building
  • F512 CSB Building/ ITS over the Leith

Friday, 4th August - 19:00 pm to 21:00pm

  • F518 Arts & Burns
  • F614 Commerce Building

Monday, 7th August - 06:00am to 08:00am

  • XC01 Christchurch School of Medicine, and Burwood

Monday, 7th August - 19:00 pm to 21:00pm

  • XW01, XW02, XW03 Wellington School of Medicine

Please contact the ITS Service Desk if you have any questions (, ext 8888 or 0800 479 888)
ITS Service Desk Reference: R144395