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University of Otago students can print, copy or scan to many Uniprintstations, multifunction devices (MFDs) available in the libraries and student computer areas of all University of Otago campuses. Money for printing is stored on your student ID card and you will need to use your ID card or username and password to access the Uniprintstations. You can get a refund if your print job doesn't come out of the printer.

You can view step-by-step instructions for printing, scanning and photocopying at the University on our Tipsheets and Handouts page.

Printing options for students

Your own computer

There are two ways to print from your own computer:

Email your document to:

The Print via Email tip sheet has more information about this (.pdf, 1.4MB)

(New since July 2015) Install a print driver (mPrint)
Note that this hasn't been extensively tested so let us know if you have any problems. Instructions and links 
You download the print driver, install it and then one of your print options will be to print to the university. Remember to choose your location and operating system.

Student Computers

When you print from a computer in a University student computer area/lab or library, you will find the following options in the Print menu:
(Note that if you are using the student desktop on your own computer you will also see any printers that you have already have installed). 

Check Uniprint’s Library branch operating hours to ensure that you can collect your job.


The University student printers are known as Uniprintstations. They are multifunction devices (MFDs) that can be accessed at the libraries and student computer areas of all University of Otago campuses.

Uniprintstations can:

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Paying for student printing and copying

To use Uniprintstations, funds must first be loaded onto your student ID card account. This can be done at any of our EFTPOS kiosks.

Print jobs sent to Uniprint’s Library branch on the Dunedin campus (using the Printshop B&W and Printshop Colour options in your student computer printing options) must be paid first before they can be printed out.

EFTPOS kiosk locations

Student ID card printing funds can be topped up using EFTPOS at the following locations:


Uniprint handle all of the University of Otago's printing requirements. You can print from the student network to the Uniprintshop located in the Central Library on the Dunedin campus at discounted printing rates.
Visit the Uniprintshop webpage for more information.

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Further information

Do you have a question? Please see our Frequently Asked Questions about student printing

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