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Note that there is now no need to connect to the student WiFi through the proxy as students needed to in 2014.

You can also find these instructions in the Student IT Services Handbook (pdf) which is also available to pick up from the Central Library.

Archives: More tip sheets are available to download here but please note that some of them are incorrect, mainly because the proxy is no longer required on the Otago campus. 

Our friendly Student IT Advisors are also available to help you set up your wireless during library hours - please bring your laptop or other portable device along to the Student IT Desk at the Central Library if you need help setting up.

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Using the student proxy

Although in 2015 you don't normally have to go through the student proxy to access the internet, students in residential Colleges using wired connections in their rooms, currently still have to use the student proxy.
Students In St.Margarets, Selwyn,  Knox and Salmond College's need to use the proxy on Wifi as well.
Hopefully this will be removed some time in 2015.

If you need to use the student proxy, the two things you will need to know are:

On campus, you will get much better service if you don't use the proxy.
If you are in a College where you still need to use the proxy but don't want to use it on campus, one solution is just to set it in Firefox and leave the rest of your computer proxy-free.
Use Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari etc when you are on campus, and Firefox when you are using the proxy at your College.
Come to the Central library to see our technical staff if you need a hand to do this.
Otherwise, the short instructions are:

Wireless map

There is wireless Internet access in all Dunedin campus libraries, Commerce, Hunter, the Plaza, the College of Education and in Lecture Theatres

Please see the map below for the different locations where wireless is available throughout the University's Dunedin campus:

2011 Computer Area mapClick to enlarge

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Please protect your and our computer systems with anti-virus software.

Security Patches & Updates

Download software, security patches, and updates here. These resources can only be accessed if you are on campus. If you’re off campus, you’ll need to visit the following websites to get patches:

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Fair use and copyright

Please read the following information to make sure you comply with your responsibilities when using the Internet access provided by the University of Otago:

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Further information

Do you have a question? Please see our Frequently Asked Questions on Student IT Help

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