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About Student IT

Student IT Advisors are based in the Central Library on the University of Otago's Dunedin campus. We can help you with all your computer needs on campus. We have 30 or more areas with desktop computers and wireless (Wi-Fi) access around campus.  We can help you get your laptop/tablet/smartphone onto our Wi-Fi network and visit you in any computer area if you need help.

Burns closed. Arts no longer open 24 hours.

Burns CAL (the smaller computer room at the end of the Burns Building) is now permanently closed and will be refurbished for a new use.
Art CAL (the larger computer lab behind this one) can now only be accessed from the Burns foyer.
It will close at 7pm each night and after that there will be no further access.

However, there are still many other 24 hour computer spaces left on campus:
North (opposite Science Library)
West (Physical Education Building)
Rabel/McGregor (Next to Leith Liquor)
Enterprise/Tower (at the College of Education)
Hunter (but not weekends - upstairs in the Hunter Building)
Hercus (Hercus Building)
Central CAL (at the ground floor of the Richardson Building) will remain open till 11pm most evenings.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

The new Student Desktop

We now have a new Student Desktop. It runs in all the student computer labs on campus and can also be accessed from your laptop. It has a number of advantages over the old one:

For a guide on getting started with the new Student Desktop on your Laptop, watch the following short video.

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Student notices

New Student IT Handbook 2015

Pick one up at a library or download/read it here

Knox Salmond Internet setup Tipsheets

Knox and Salmond students connect to the internet in a slightly different way than other areas on campus. (The instructions for Salmond are more or less the same as for Knox, so Salmond people can just follow the Knox information)
Here are the setup instructions you may need

Move Your Files Now!

On 1st March 2015, your files on the old student desktop will be DELETED!

A new, Windows 7 based Student Desktop is currently being launched on campus. Documents saved to your 'S' drive on the old student desktop are not automatically available on the new Student Desktop. Please find below a downloadable leaflet that provides instructions for how to move them to the new system. You MUST do this before March 2015. After this time, your documents on the old student desktop will be deleted.

Instructions for how to move your documents from the old 'S' drive here (.pdf, 280KB)

Microsoft Office 365 is now available free to students!

Find out more from Student IT Software Assistance

Installers can be downloaded from the University of Otago Office 365 webpage

ITS Service Notices

See the ITS Service Notices page for information about potential, current and planned IT outages and network/software updates.

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Getting direct help from Student IT

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Our Student IT guide and tip sheets

Do you have a question? Please see our Frequently Asked Questions

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IT Training Student Courses

Subsidised Student Courses

Heavily subsidised courses (to you $10, normally $110!) in Word, Excel, Endnote and SPSS

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