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Staff areas of research

Staff research areas
Faculty of Law Inaugural Professorial Lectures

Staff research areas

Administrative Law Professor Stuart Anderson, Marcelo Rodriguez Ferrere
Banking Law Professor Struan Scott
Bioethics & Health Law Professor Mark Henaghan, Professor Nicola Peart
Church and State Professor Rex Ahdar, Mr Stephen E Smith
Civil Liberties Associate Professor Selene Mize
Commercial Law Professor Rex Ahdar
Comparative Law Dr Nigel Jamieson
Comparative Constitutional Law Mr Stephen E Smith
Competition Law (anti-trust) Professor Rex Adhar
Computer Assisted Legal Retrieval Associate Professor Donna Buckingham
Computer-Aided Instruction Associate Professor Donna Buckingham
Constitutional Theory Professor Andrew Geddis
Consumer Credit Mr Barry Allan
Corporate Criminal Liability Mr Barry Allan
Corporate Finance Associate Professor Shelley Griffiths
Corporate Governance Professor Struan Scott
Corporations (from a law and society perspective) Associate Professor Michael Robertson
Crime & Psychiatry Professor John Dawson
Criminal Law Associate Professor Margaret Briggs, Professor Kevin Dawkins, Professor Geoff Hall, Professor Mark Henaghan, Professor Richard Mahoney, Professor Peter Skegg, Mr Stephen E Smith
Criminology Professor Geoff Hall
Election Law Professor Andrew Geddis
Employment Law Professor Paul Roth
Environmental Law Associate Professor Jacinta Ruru, Ms Nicola Wheen, Ms Ceri Warnock
Family Law Professor Mark Henaghan
Family Property Law Professor Mark Henaghan, Associate Professor Margaret Briggs
Family Property & Succession Law Professor Nicola Peart
Human Genome & Law Professor Mark Henaghan
Indigenous Peoples Comparative Law Associate Professor Jacinta Ruru
International Criminal Law Mr Stephen E Smith
International Economic Law Dr Tracey Epps
International Environmental Law Ms Nicola Wheen, Ms Ceri Warnock
International Human Rights Law Professor Paul Roth, Mr Stephen E Smith
International Institutions Professor Kevin Dawkins
International Trade Law Dr Tracey Epps
Issues Arising from the Use of the Internet Mr Barry Allan
Jurisprudence (especially critical legal theory and Stanley Fish) Associate Professor Michael Robertson
Jurisprudence Dr Nigel Jamieson
Law and Development Dr Tracey Epps
Law and Psychology Associate Professor Selene Mize
Law and Religion Professor Rex Ahdar
Law Governing Research Professor John Dawson
Law of Evidence Associate Professor Donna Buckingham, Professor Richard Mahoney, Mr Stephen E Smith
Law of Obligations Mrs Jessica Palmer
Law Relating to Children (children's rights, child abuse, medico-legal issues) Professor Mark Henaghan
Legal Ethics Associate Professor Selene Mize
Legal History Dr Nigel Jamieson, Mr Stephen E Smith
Legal Information Systems Associate Professor Donna Buckingham
Legal System Dr Nigel Jamieson
Legislative Drafting Dr Nigel Jamieson
Maori Land Law Associate Professor Jacinta Ruru
Media Law Associate Professor Selene Mize
Mediation Processes Professor Mark Henaghan
Medical Law Professor Peter Skegg, Associate Professor Colin Gavaghan
Medical Law & Ethics Associate Professor Colin Gavaghan
Mental Health Law Professor John Dawson
Misrepresentation Mr Barry Allan
Modern Legal History Professor Stuart Anderson
Negotiation Associate Professor Selene Mize
Personal Properties Securities Law Mr Barry Allan
Privacy and Information Law Professor Paul Roth
Property & Equity Mrs Jessica Palmer
Property Law Professor Stuart Anderson, Associate Professor Margaret Briggs, Professor Struan Scott, Professor Nicola Peart
Property Theory Associate Professor Michael Robertson
Public International Law Professor Kevin Dawkins
Public Law Marcelo Rodriguez FerrereProfessor Geoff Hall, Ms Nicola Wheen
Regulatory Law & Policy Dr Tracey Epps
Regulation of Capital Markets Associate Professor Shelley Griffiths
Relationship Property Professor Mark Henaghan
Rights Theory Professor Andrew Geddis
Resource Management Law Ms Ceri Warnock
Sentencing Professor Geoff Hall
Sentencing Information Systems Professor Geoff Hall
Sports Law Professor Geoff Hall
Statutory Interpretation Associate Professor Donna Buckingham
Taxation Associate Professor Shelley Griffiths
Tort Law Mr Barry Allan
Transport Law Professor Geoff Hall
Treaty of Waitangi Associate Professor Jacinta Ruru, Ms Nicola Wheen
Treaty of Waitangi Settlements Professor John Dawson
Unjust Enrichment

Professor Struan Scott, Mrs Jessica Palmer

Faculty of Law Inaugural Professorial Lectures

Professor Struan Scott, August 2012

""Mistaken Payments and the Change of Position Defence: Rare Cases and Elegance"
View the lecture on iTunes U

Professor Andrew Geddis, September 2011

“Of flags and protest: dissent, offence and the limits of free speech"
View the lecture on iTunes U

Professor Kim Economides, September 2010

"Measuring Law's Impact: The Future of Socio-Legal Studies in Aotearoa New Zealand"
View the lecture on iTunes U

Professor Kevin Dawkins, October 2009

"Taking Stock of the Jury"

Professor Nicola Peart, October 2008

"Can your Trust be Trusted?"
View the lecture on iTunes U

Professor Rex Ahdar, August 2008

"Slow train coming: religious liberty in the last days"
View the lecture on iTunes U

Professor Geoff Hall, May 2008

"Bloody Idiots!" Have the drunks behind the wheel reached a cross-roads?"
View the lecture on iTunes U

Professor Paul Roth, March 2008

"Child Labour in New Zealand - A job for the nanny state?"

Professor Richard Mahoney, October 2007

"Is it ever justifiable to torture or to even think about that question?"

Professor John Dawson, September 2007

"Concepts of liberty in mental health law"
View the lecture on iTunes U