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Dr Jeanne Snelling

staff_large_snelling_jeannePhD, LLB(Hons), RNZcmpN

Jeanne's research interests fall within the general health law field. She first joined the law faculty in 2005 as a Research Fellow on the multidisciplinary Law Foundation-sponsored Human Genome Research Project. A major research interest has been legal responses to issues arising from human reproduction; both unassisted and assisted. More recent research interests include the implication of behavioural genetics and neuroscience on the law. Jeanne currently has a three-year Fellowship as a Research Fellow in Bioethics and Health Law within the Bioethics Centre. She lectures medical law to undergraduate medical students at the Otago School of Medicine (Dunedin and Christchurch). Jeanne is an adjunct lecturer in the Faculty of Law and co-ordinates the second-year Criminal Procedure Programme.

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Chapter in Book – Research

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Journal – Research article

J Snelling “Minors and Contested Medical Surgical Treatment: Where Are We With Best Interests?” (2016) 25(1) Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics 50-62.

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Commissioned Report for External Body

C Anderson, P Skegg, R Wilson, M Hackett, J Snelling, A Grover, Use of Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) in New Zealand: A Review of Efficacy, Safety, and Regulatory Controls (Commissioned by the Ministry of Health, Wellington; Dec 2004) 56 p.

J Snelling, A review of the Literature, the Acts of Parliament and Relevant Current Practices on Regulation of the Use of ECT in New Zealand and in Other Like Nations (Commissioned by the ECT Review Group, Wellington; Dec 2005) 108 p.


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L Anderson, A Cadogan, M Borich, T Schneiders, and J Snelling, Sports Physiotherapy Code of Conduct (Physiotherapy New Zealand, 2013), reprinted in British Journal of Sportsmedicine (forthcoming 2015).

Awarded Doctoral Degree

J Snelling, Parental Preferences and Procreative Choices: Reproductive Liberty and the Regulation of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PhD thesis, University of Otago, 2012) 416 p.