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Ordering publications

Contact the Hocken Office for enquiries and orders:

Phone: 64 3 479 8868
Fax: 64 3 479 5078
Address: Hocken Collections, PO Box 56, Dunedin 9054, New Zealand.

  • All prices are GST inclusive.
  • Prices do not include postage and packaging as this will vary for different items. Please contact the Hocken Office with your order to confirm availability of stock and the total cost.
  • Please note that due to University policy invoices will only be issued for amounts greater than $25.
  • For orders under $25.00, please forward a cheque (made out to University of Otago), or VISA/MASTERCARD details to the Hocken Office.

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Exhibition catalogues

Draft Copy by Patrick Lundberg catalogue cover

Draft Copy - Patrick Lundberg 2015 (32 page exhibition catalogue with essays by Natalie Poland, Roman Mitch and Greg Anderson. Design by Kraftwork).

About the exhibition

Zina Swanson catalogue

No Need For Water - Zina Swanson 2014 (32 page full colour exhibition catalogue with essays by Natalie Poland and Gilbert May).

About the exhibition

Shigeyuki Kihara catalogue

Undressing the Pacific - Shigeyuki Kihara 2013 (4 panelled fold out card catalogue containing images of 8 works with essay by Natalie Poland).

About the exhibition

Nick Austin catalogue

The Liquid Dossier - Nick Austin 2012/2013 (10 items presented in a foolscap card folder with essays by Natalie Poland and Jon Bywater. Edition of 200, each copy is signed by the artist).

About the exhibition

kushana bush catalogue

All Things to All Men - Kushana Bush 2012 (hardcover, full colour, 34 page catalogue with 2 gatefolds).

About the exhibition


Honey in the Rock - Joanna Langford 2011 (full colour, 30 page catalogue).

About the exhibition


Delusional Architecture – Eddie Clemens 2009 (full colour, fold-out catalogue).

About the exhibition


Charles Brasch: In the Company of Artists 2009 (full colour, 48 page catalogue).

About the exhibition


The Sleeping Room - Heather Straka 2009 (full colour, 30 page catalogue).

About the exhibition

Free to download (1.3MB in PDF format)

once more with feeling - Ann Shelton 2008 (full colour, 32 page catalogue).

About the exhibition


Fine Folk: Design work for Colin McCahon 2008 (full colour, 32 page catalogue).

About the exhibition


Dead Time - Ben Cauchi 2008 (13 page catalogue).

About the exhibition

Rohan Wealleans: Let's Make the Fire Turn Green 2007, co-published by Hocken Collections and the Dunedin Public Art Gallery. $15.00
Working Drawings - Sarah Munro 2007 (full colour, fold-out catalogue). Free
The Medical Body - Ana Terry and Don Hunter 2005 (full colour, 16 page catalogue). $10.00
Cantata: a play of the Trace II - Lyn Plummer 2005 (full colour, 28 page catalogue). $5.00
Island Life: Robin White - Hocken Touring Exhibition 2002 (fold-out catalogue). Free
Representation and Reaction: Modernism and the New Zealand Landscape Tradition 1956-1977. Fifty paintings from the collections of the Fletcher Trust, the Kelliher Trust, DB Breweries Limited & the Sarjeant Gallery - Peter Shaw (32 colour plates). $15.00
3 Dunedin Designers : Lily Daff, Rona Dyer, Eileen Mayo 1999 (full colour, 48 page catalogue). $5.00
Mrs Hocken Requests... Women's contributions to the Hocken Collections 1993 (91 page catalogue). $2.00

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Greeting cards

Swan lake stage design 1954 - Colin McCahon $3.00
Miter Peak Milford Sound from Freshwater Basin - John Buchanan $4.00

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Colour reproductions of Hocken paintings

Rita Angus: Life & Vision exhibition poster - Te Papa $29.95
The Dunedin off the English Coast 1875 - Frederick Tudgay. $2.00
The Pink and White Terraces - JC Hoyte (1835-1913). $2.00
Broad Bay, Otago Harbour - David Hutton (1866-1946). $2.00
Preservation Inlet, 1890 - Laurence Wilson (1850-1912). $2.00
Towards Auckland 6, 1954 - Colin McCahon (1919-1987). $2.00
Milford Sound 1884 - George O'Brien (1821-1888). $2.00

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Hocken Lectures

Patron and Painter: Charles Brasch and Colin McCahon by Peter Simpson.

2009 $25.00
Culinary treasures of the Hocken Collections by Helen Leach. 2007 $2.00
Untold lives: When the elders tell their stories by Judith Binney. 2007 $2.00
An accidental experiment? The social basis of an egalitarian society by Erik Olssen. 2007 $2.00
50 Years Ago: Some images of the young poet and his elders: Brasch, Curnow, Sargeson by C.K.Stead. 2006 $2.00
Hocken Lecture 2005 - God in 20th Century New Zealand small God in the 20th Century: A personal perspective by Lloyd Geering 2005 $2.00
Hocken Lecture 1997 - Much More Passion small Much More Passion? MMP a Year On by Philip Temple 1997 $2.00
Hocken Lecture 1996 - Drawn and Quartered small Drawn and Quartered: How Wide a World for the Political Cartoon by Colin Seymour-Ure 1996 $2.00
Hocken Lecture 1994 - Towards a Political Economy of New Zealand small Towards a Political Economy of New Zealand by Brian Easton 1994 $2.00
Hocken Lecture 1993 - Women in Parliamentary life small Women in Parliamentary Life by Marilyn Waring 1993 $2.00
Hocken Lecture 1992 - Changes in Business Culture 1960-1990 small Changes in Business Culture 1960-1990 by Sir Robert Jones 1992 $2.00
Hocken Lecture 1991 - My Brother and I small My Brother and I by Jeanine Graham 1991 $2.00
Hocken Lecture 1989 - Choirs and Clogs Mr Ballads and Mr Bones small Choirs and Clogs, Mr Ballads and Mr Bones by John D. Drummond 1989 $2.00
Hocken Lecture 1988 - Towards 1990 small Towards 1990: Nation and Identity by Keith Sinclair 1988 $2.00
Hocken Lecture 1986 - Dr T M Hocken 1836-1910 A Gentleman of his Time small Dr T.M. Hocken 1836-1910. A Gentleman of his Time by A.G. Hocken 1986 $2.00
Hocken Lecture 1973 - Culture-Historical Aspects of the Malayo-Polynesian Settlement in Ancient South-East Asia small Cultural-Historical Aspects of the Malayo-Polynesian Settlement in Ancient South-East Asia by R.A. Lochore 1973 $2.00
Hocken Lecture 1971 - Towards a New Zealand Literature small Towards a New Zealand Literature by James Bertram 1971 $2.00
Hocken Lecture 1969 - Towards a New History small Towards a New History? by W.H. Oliver 1969 $2.00

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Other publications

Through Fifty Years - The South Canterbury Art Society - R.D.J. Collins $2.00
The Farthest Jerusalem: Four lectures on the origins of Christianity - Ken Booth, John Broadbent, Donald Phillipps & Peter Matheson $2.00

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Journal of New Zealand Art History (JONZAH)

This was formerly Bulletin of New Zealand Art History. Publication of this title has now ceased. Volume 33 (2012-2013) is the final issue.

Volume 33 2012-2013 $20.00
Volume 32 2011 $20.00
Volume 31 2010 $20.00
Volume 30 2009 $20.00
Volume 29 2008 $20.00
Volume 28 2007 $20.00
Volume 27 2006 $20.00
Volume 26 2005 $20.00
Volume 25 2004 $20.00
Volume 10, 1989 - Volume 24, 2003   $10 each or any 2 for $15

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Bulletin of New Zealand Art History Special Series

No. 5a Art in Education: An Essay Celebrating One Hundred and Twenty-Five Years of Art Education at the Dunedin College of Education by David Bell (54 plates). 2000 $10.00
No. 5 Frances Hodgkins on Display: Galleries, Dealers & Exhibitions, 1890-1950 compiled by R. D. J. Collins & Iain Buchanan. 2000 $10.00
No. 4 Hodgkins '97: Papers from the Symposium held at the University of Otago, 4-6 April 1997, to mark the 50th anniversary of Frances Hodgkins's death compiled by R. D . J. Collins. 1998 $10.00
No. 2* A Journal of Their Own : An Index to Art in New Zealand compilors & editors Richard Dingwall, Rosemary Entwisle & Lois Robertson. 1997 $10.00
No. 1* Alexander Hare McLintock: Printmaker : An Essay and Catalogue by David Bell. 1994 $10.00

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University of Otago Press publications

Ka Taoka Hakena (Treasures from the Hocken Collections) Edited by Stuart Strachan and Linda Tyler

A treasure trove of modern and historical paintings, photographs and drawings, maps and plans, books, newspapers and posters, sheet music, sound recordings, and early New Zealand manuscripts from the 17th century to the present day, this beautiful book celebrates the centenary of the Hocken's foundation. Hardback, full colour.

Further information from Otago University Press.


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Friends of the Hocken Collections publications

Gaining a Foothold - Historical Records of Otago's Eastern Coast, 1770-1839.

Published by the Friends of the Hocken Collections Inc, as a memorial to the memory of the late David McDonald, Reference Librarian from 1974 until 2000. A limited edition of 500 copies, Gaining a Foothold is a 467-page A4 hardback, plus 32 pages containing 96 illustrations, 32 of them in colour.

Copies can be obtained from the Friends of the Hocken Collections.