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Gifted and talented marine education programme

boyssievemudAs part of a contract with the Ministry of Education, GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) programmes were developed for Year 10 students and for Primary Year 6-8 students. These popular programmes take place at the NZ Marine Studies Centre. Schools and students must apply to be part of them.

The gifted and talented (G&T) programmes aim to give a challenging hands-on experience based on the theme “Making sense of the marine world aids survival and enriches lives”. The senses of the participants and the senses (and science) of the marine animals are the focus for extending and enriching student learning.

After a day of activities and enquiries which challenge student ideas, develop skills in instrument use and experimental design, participants are introduced to a range of possible projects by postgraduate research students in the Marine Science Department. Over the subsequent days practical investigations are designed, carried out and reported on by small research teams under the guidance of post-graduate marine science students who encourage students to be practical with problem solving, and creative with science analysis and presentation.

Download an overview of the GATE Programmes for 2017 (PDF file, 560 KB)

Find out what students, teachers and parents say about the GATE programmes.

Meet the staff who support our programmes.

Primary gifted and talented programme

(Starting 8th September 2017)

G&T Primary Programme Overview 2017 (PDF file, 273 KB)
G&T Primary Student Profile Form (PDF file, 71 KB)
G&T Primary Student Application Form (PDF file, 147 KB)

For primary gifted and talented programme enquiries and bookings:
Shelley Dixon
Phone: 479 5843

Year 10 gifted and talented programme

(Schedule 1 starting 9th April 2017)

G&T Year 10 Programme (Schedule 1) 2017 (PDF file, 490 KB)
G&T Year 10 Student Profile Form (Teachers to complete) (PDF file, 450 KB)
G&T Year 10 Student Application Form (Schedule 1) (PDF file, 450 KB)

(Schedule 2 starting 30th April 2017)

G&T Year 10 Programme (Schedule 2) 2017 (PDF file, 480 KB)
G&T Year 10 Student Profile Form (Teachers to complete) (PDF file, 450 KB)
G&T Year 10 Student Application Form (Schedule 2) (PDF file, 450 KB)

Deep thought: extension programme for year 11 students

Students who have attended a Year 10 G&T programme have the opportunity to join a scientific cruise on RV Polaris II.

Deep Thought Overview 2017 (PDF file, 2.7 MB)
Deep Thought Programme Schedule 2017 (PDF file, 490 KB)
Deep Thought Gear List (PDF file, 450 KB)
Deep Thought Student Application Form 2017 (PDF file, 510 KB)
Health and Safety Information (PDF file, 350 KB)

Te rauawa o te pahi - Year 10

A science enrichment and extension programme for Year 10 Māori students

Te Rauawa o te Pahi Overview 2017 (PDF file, 530 KB)
Te Rauawa o te Pahi Schedule 2017 (PDF file, 510 KB)
Te Rauawa o te Pahi Student Application and Endorsement Form 2017 (PDF file, 1 MB)

Rangatahi o te moana - Years 11 and 12

Open to any able and enthusiastic young Māori science students in Year 11 or 12, but primarily for those students who have previously participated in Te Rauawa o te Pahi or a Year 10 gifted and talented programme at the New Zealand Marine Studies Centre.

Rangatahi o te Moana Overview 2017 (PDF file, 730 KB)
Rangatahi o te Moana Schedule 2017 (PDF file, 209 KB)
Rangatahi o te Moana Student Application and Endorsement Form 2017 (PDF file, 478 KB)

School science extension programmes

As part of our Ministry of Education LEOTC school programme we will design customized GATE programmes for individual primary and secondary schools or school cluster groups (15 student minumum group size). Examples of programme types are found below:

One-day Primary Science Extension programme (PDF file, 300 KB)
One-day G&T programme (PDF file, 108 KB)
Two-day G&T programme (PDF file, 120 KB)
Three-day G&T programme (PDF file, 118 KB)


For gifted and talented enquiries and bookings:
Steve Cutler
Phone 64 3 479 5843