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Department of Marketing: Seminar Series

Marketing at Otago is proud to host the Departmental Seminar Series for 2017

Presenters include staff from the Department of Marketing and other faculties, as well as scholars visiting from other Universities.

Seminars are held on every Friday during the teaching semesters, in CO 426 at 12pm. All welcome.

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact Dr John Williams:

Upcoming seminars

April 28

Norman Evans, Strategic Marketing in a not-for-profit - Matching resources to changing client expectations during a time of rapid technology innovation

May 5

Shijiao Chen, Consumer Trust Erosion During an Industry-Wide Crisis: The Central Role of Legitimacy Judgment

May 12

Rahul Sen, Towards more effective alcohol warning labels: Identifying specific warnings for each beverage type

May 19

Associate Professor Maree Thyne, Topic to be advised

May 26

Jamal Abarashi, Coping with the Uncomfortable Side of Desire: A Study of Designer Handbag Collectors

June 2

Dr Leah Watkins, Kids' Cam: Documenting the Commercial World of Children

Recent seminars

March 17

Masoud Karami, Effectuation and Internationalisation: A Review and Agenda for Future Research

March 24

Kamal Rahmani, An Objective View on Tourists' Emotional Experiences

March 31

Associate Professor Ben Wooliscroft, Lessons Learned from Applying for Large Interdisciplanary Grants

April 7

Martin Haanen, Opportunities and challenges in a start-up enterprise (Quantify)

March 10

Dr John Williams, Ethical Issues for IoT Businesses

March 3

Dr Rob Hamlin, Dreadnoughts and Crosses - How Battleship Marketing Changed the World

December 2

Professor Maria Holmlund-Rytkönen, Hanken School of Economics, Finland: Making sense of customer relationships in change

November 25

Sandy Ow, visiting PhD candidate from Universiti Putra, Malaysia: "Ultimate Customer Loyalty - The Holy Grail'

November 14
Professor Allan Riding, Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa: Do Young Firms Owned by Recent Immigrants Outperform Other Young Firms?

November 4
Professor Arto Ojala, University of Jyväskylä, Finland: Competition logistics during platform evolution

November 4
Dr Xuan Zhang, China University of Petroleum, and Professor Hongxia Zhang, Peking University, China: Do Consumers Need A Scapegoat Signal to Move On in a Multi-Brand Product-Harm Crisis?

October 14
Dr Tony Garry: Trust and the Internet of Things

October 21
Dr John Williams: Modern quantitative data analysis

October 7
Dr Sanna Ganglmair-Wooliscroft: Ethical consumption behaviour at home and on holiday: Development of a research stream

September 30
Prof Juergen Gnoth: Reflexivity and the progress of motivation theory

September 23
Jamal Abarashi: New Perspectives on Democratisation in the Luxury Market

Friday 16 September
Professor Janet Hoek: Mind the Gap: Smoking, Deprivation and Social Movements

Friday 9 September
Balkrushna Potdar: Stakeholder relationships and retail crime prevention

Friday 2 September
Dr David Bishop: Existentialism: How to deal with an absurd world

Friday 26 August
Shobhit Eusebius: Text mining and qualitative content analysis

Friday 19 August
Dr John Williams: ANZMAC practice session

Friday 12 August
Dr Kirsten Robertson
"Go hard or go home": moderate drinking is a waste of money and calories

Friday 5 August
Dr Damien Mather
In Kahoots with the students

Friday 29 July
Tabitha Thomas
Beware of Strangers - unless you’re looking at making connections for shopping tips

Friday 22 July
Dr Mitra Etemaddar
Tasting home in a liminal space: motivations behind choosing a destination wedding

Friday 15 July
Fatima McKague
Energy non-consumption: challenges and opportunities for fuel poverty research in New Zealand

Friday 3 June
Associate Professor Ben Wooliscroft
My two bits: Two current research publications

Friday 27 May
Dr Sergio Biggemann
Value co-creation and resource integration in travelling exhibitions

Friday 20 May
Professor David Ballantyne
My Life as a Marketing Strategist

Friday 13 May
Dr Andrea Insch
Residents' Engagement with Place Branding

Friday 6 May
Dr Shelagh Ferguson
The culture and business of wilderness rescue

Friday 29 April

Shabnam Seyedmehdi (PhD candidate)
Flirting with a destination: a study on the process of place bonding

Friday 22 April
Dr Aswo Safari (University of Uppsala, Sweden)
Does psychic distance affect SMEs internationalization?

Friday 15 April
Professor Brendan Gray
Entrepreneurial Resilience: Implications for a threatened academic institution

Friday 8 April
Professor Rob Lawson
Some Reflections on the Qualitative/Quantitative Research Dichotomy

Friday 1 April
Dr John Williams
The Theory of Planned Behaviour: A case study in theory and scholarship

Friday 18 March
Dr Mathew Parackal
How good is social media? An evaluation of a social media campaign against drinking in pregnancy

Friday 4 March
Associate Professor Rob Aitken and Dr John Williams
Fostering a research culture in the Department of Marketing

Friday 11 March
Jamal Abarashi (PhD student)
Circulation of special possessions: Tension negotiation in gift exchange relations

2015 seminars

Friday 10 October - 1pm
Dr John Williams, Lecturer, Department of Marketing

Friday 26 September 26th - 1pm
Rachel Somerville, Associate Product Manager, Optiflow Junior

Friday 19 September - 1pm
Michael Gin, Marketing Manager, NZ Honey Company

Friday 12 September - 1pm
Dr Leah Waktins, Lecturer, Department of Marketing

Friday 15 August - 1pm
Professor Phil Bremmer, Head of Department, Food Science

Friday 8 August 8th - 1pm
Nick Laird and Andrew Wallace

Friday 25 July - 1pm
Professor Janet Hoek, Department of Marketing

Friday 11 July - 1pm
Dr Andrea Insch, Department of Marketing

Friday 9 May - 1pm
Jinty MacTavish, Councillor, Dunedin City Council
Green Dunedin

Friday 16 May - 1pm
John Christie, Chief Executive, Otago Chamber of Commerce
Shanghai - The relationship

Friday 23 May - 1pm
Dr Ben Wooliscroft, Marketing Department, Otago University
The purpose of the firm

Friday 30 May - 1pm
Dr John Guthrie, Marketing Department, Otago University
“Every University should sponsor a sports team”

Friday 11 April - 1pm
Professor Grant Gillett Bioethics Centre, Otago University
Ethics at the University of Otago

Friday 28 March - 1pm
Eva Gluyas, Manager, innovation workSpace, Centre for Research Expertise, Otago Polytechnic
The Innovation Centre at Otago Polytechnic

Friday 21 March - 1pm
Dr James Henry, Marketing Department, Otago University
The cruise industry and Dunedin

Friday 14 March - 1pm
Russell Garbutt, Media Production Co-ordinator, Information Technology Services Otago University
IT and Otago University course delivery - trends and the future