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Public Health/Preventive Medicine

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Professor Michael Baker (Public Health, University of Otago, Wellington)

Public health; Epidemiology; Infectious diseases (e.g. emerging infectious diseases, pandemic influenza, meningococal disease); Food safety (e.g. Campylobacter); Travel health; Housing and health (e.g household crowding); Immunisation
Work: 64 4 918 6802 | Mobile: 64 21 355 056

Professor Tony Blakely (Public Health, University of Otago, Wellington)

Epidemiology; Social epidemiology; Public Health; Ethnic inequalities in health; Socio-economic inequalities in health; Prioritisation and cost effectiveness; Tobacco; Cancer epidemiology; Cancer control; Magnitude of health gains from health sector interventions and prevention
Work: 64 4 4 385 5541 x 6086 | Mobile: 64 21 918 608

Dr Cheryl Brunton (Population Health, University of Otago, Christchurch)

Hepatitis C - epidemiology and prevention; Communicable disease epidemiology; Environmental health
Work: 64 3 364 1777 or 64 3 364 3625

Professor Jennie Connor (Preventive and Social Medicine)

Epidemiology; Injury prevention; Traffic related injury; Sleepy drivers; Sleep-related impairment; Health effects of alcohol; Alcohol and sexual behaviour; Tertiary student drinking
Work: 64 3 479 7745

Professor Julian Crane (Wellington Asthma Research Group, Medicine - University of Otago, Wellington)

Asthma; Public health medicine; Respiratory medicine; Allergy / Allergies
Work: 64 4 385 5541 x 5258 | Mobile: 64 274 519 725

Dr Ruth Cunningham (Public Health, University of Otago, Wellington)

Population mental health; Health inequalities; Health services research; Mental health services; Cancer epidemiology
Work: 64 4 385 5541 x 6725

Professor Richard Edwards (Public Health, University of Otago, Wellington)

Tobacco smoking; Tobacco control; Public health
Work: 64 4 918 5089 | Mobile: 64 21 870 708

Professor Robin Gauld (Dean's Office, Otago Business School)

New Zealand Health Policy; Comparative health policy (especially in advanced Asia-Pacific); District Health Boards; New Zealand Health System; eGovernment; Health management; Health funding
Work: 64 3 479 8632

Mr Andrew Gray (Preventive and Social Medicine)

Biostatistics; Interpretation of study results; Strengths and weakness of studies; Randomised controlled trials; Observational studies (longitudinal, case-control, and cohort studies); Systematic reviews and meta-analyses; Statistics in nutrition studies; Statistics in public health studies
Work: 64 3 479 7235

Associate Professor Simon Hales (Public Health, University of Otago, Wellington)

Air pollution; Climate variability and change; Geographic information systems; Environmental health; Epidemiology
Work: 64 4 918 6483

Emeritus Professor Peter Herbison (Preventive and Social Medicine)

Biostatistics; Evidence based medicine | Mobile: 64 21 575 444

Dr Phillip Hider (Population Health)

Epidemiology; Population Health; Patient safety indicators
Work: 64 3 364 3679

Professor Philippa Howden-Chapman (Public Health, University of Otago, Wellington)

Housing and health; Social and economic determinants of health; Sustainable cities
Work: 64 4 918 6047 | Mobile: 64 27 220 1620

Dr Alex Macmillan (Preventive and Social Medicine)

Transport and health; Bicycling; Urban planning and health; Climate change and health; Environmental sustainability and health
Work: 64 3 479 7196 | Mobile: 64 21 322 625

Professor Derelie (Dee) Mangin (General Practice, University of Otago, Christchurch)

General practice and public health; Prescribing; Prescribing education for GPs; Antibiotic resistance monitoring in primary care; Iron deficiency in infants; Community treatment of pneumonia; Direct to consumer advertising of prescription medicines
Work: 64 3 364 3602

Associate Professor David McBride (Preventive and Social Medicine, Dunedin School of Medicine)

Occupational health; Occupational safety; Hazard identification and management; Physical hazards; Noise and vibration; Noise-induced hearing loss; Whole body vibration; Hand arm vibration syndrome; Musculoskeletal pain; Epidemiology; Cancer epidemiology; Dioxins and persistent organochlorine compounds; Army occupational health
Work: 64 3 479 7208 | Mobile: 64 27 253 5451

Dr Lianne Parkin (Preventive and Social Medicine)

Pharmacoepidemiology / drug safety
Work: 64 3 479 8425

Emeritus Professor Charlotte Paul (Preventive and Social Medicine, Dunedin School of Medicine)

HIV / AIDS epidemiology; Women's Cancers; Contraception and contraceptive safety; Public Health/epidemiology; Screening; Research ethics

Dr Ari Samaranayaka (Preventive and Social Medicine)

Biostatistics; Statistical modelling
Work: 64 3 479 7168

Professor Diana Sarfati (Public Health, University of Otago, Wellington)

Cancer epidemiology; Population screening; Multimorbidity; Health services; Public Health
Work: 64 4 918 6042

Dr Caroline Shaw (Public Health, University of Otago, Wellington)

Population screening; Transport and health; Environmental epidemiology; Social epidemiology; Climate change and health
Work: 64 4 918 5321 | Mobile: 64 21 708 211

Emeritus Professor David Skegg (Preventive and Social Medicine)

Cancer; Contraceptive and drug safety; Public Health
Work: 64 3 479 5774

Dr Lee Thompson (Population Health, University of Otago, Christchurch)

Health professionals; Health inequalities; Public policy; Health promotion; Social theory; Qualitative method
Work: 64 3 364 3644

Associate Professor George Thomson (Public Health, University of Otago, Wellington)

Tobacco control; Health policy; Smokefree areas; Smokefree outdoors; Tobacco taxation; Tobacco industry; Tobacco retailing
Work: 64 4 918 6054

Dr Ramona Tiatia (Public Health, University of Otago, Wellington)

Public health and Pacific research; Prisoner health; Home-based services specifically home dialysis and home detention; Visual and qualitative methods; Digital and tele-health technologies; Youth and community engagement; Housing and ethnic disparities
Work: 64 4 385 5999 xtn 4897 | Mobile: 64 22 077 5137

Professor Nick Wilson (Public Health, University of Otago, Wellington)

Tobacco smoking epidemiology and control,; Use of economic instruments to promote public health (eg, tobacco taxation); Communicable disease control (especially immunisation and surveillance); Pandemic influenza; Health and global climate change
Work: 64 4 918 6469 | Mobile: 64 21 2045 523

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