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Associate Professor Haxby Abbott (Orthopaedic Surgery, Surgical Sciences)

Osteoarthritis: hip and knee; Low back pain; Heel pain/'plantar fasciitis'/'tibialis posterior tendonitis'; 'Tennis elbow'/lateral elbow pain; Limited prescribing authority; Accuracy of physiotherapists' clinical examination and diagnosis; Effectiveness of physiotherapy for musculoskeletal conditions
Work: 64 3 474 0999 x 58615 | Mobile: 64 27 289 0863

Professor David Baxter (School of Physiotherapy)

Physical Activity and Exercise in Health; Ageing Well; Men's health; Complementary Alternative Medicine, including Acupuncture; Pain management; Medical Lasers; Therapeutic Electrophysical agents; Physiotherapy
Work: 64 3 479 7411

Dr Ben Darlow (Primary Care and General Practice, University of Otago Wellington)

Back pain; Attitudes and beliefs about back pain; Physiotherapy; Movement, activity, and health; Collaborative practice; Interprofessional education
Work: 64 4 918 6051 | Mobile: 64 21 079 4693

Dr Ramakrishnan Mani (School of Physiotherapy)

Biopsychosocial model of pain- chronic pain; Pain neurosciences: Brain and spinal cord mechanisms in chronic pain (neuroplasticity, and psychosocial factors) ; Pain mechanisms; Pain education ; Pain curriculum ; Predictors of musculoskeletal pain/disability- longitudinal studies ; Sedentary behaviour and physical activity in chronic health conditions including pain
Work: 64 3 479 3485

Dr Margot Skinner (School of Physiotherapy)

Physiotherapy in the global market and WCPT; Health profession ethics and registration; Health professional education in Asia Western Pacific region
Work: 64 3 479 7466 | Home: 64 3 477 9743

Dr Gisela Sole (School of Physiotherapy)

Shoulder injuries; Running-related overuse injuries; Management and decreasing risk of osteoarthritis
Work: 64 3 479 7936

Dr Steve Tumility (School of Physiotherapy)

Tendinopathy; Manual therapy; The influence of the sympathetic nervous system on musculoskeletal pain; Measuring physiotherapy clinical outcomes; Musculoskeletal/sports injury; Orthopaedic manipulative therapy; modulation of the HPA axis using manipulative interventions; Laser therapy
Work: 64 3 479 7193

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