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Mental Health

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Associate Professor Joanne Baxter (Dunedin School of Medicine)

Maori health; Maori mental health
Work: 64 3 479 7176

Ms Julie Burgess-Manning (Psychological Medicin, University of Otago, Wellington)

Family therapy; Child and adolescent mental health
Work: 64 4 918 6511 | Mobile: 64 21 058 4083

Professor Catherine (Sunny) Collings (Dean, University of Otago, Wellington)

Public health psychiatry; Mental health in primary care; Social psychiatry; Suicide and deliberate self-harm; Population mental health; Inequalities in mental health; Psychotherapies
Work: 64 4 918 5600

Professor Marie Crowe (Psychological Medicine / Centre for Postgraduate Nursing Studies, University of Otago, Christchurch)

Mental health nursing; Qualitative research methods; Bipolar disorder; Psychotherapy for mood disorders
Work: 64 3 372 6723

Ms Nandika Currey (University of Otago, Wellington)

Pacific mental health ; Health services research; Organisational sustainability ; Strengths-based approaches ; Suicide prevention ; Culture and mental health
Work: 64 4 806 1498 | Mobile: 64 21 477 387

Professor Tony Dowell (Primary Health Care and General Practice, University of Otago, Wellington)

General Practice; Primary care; Mental health in primary care; Analysis of health practitioner/patient interactions
Work: 64 4 385 5995 | Mobile: 64 21 270 1617

Dr Christopher Gale (Psychological Medicine)

Evidence based mental health; Psychiatric epidemiology; Anxiety disorders; Psychotic disorders; Phenomenology and experience of psychiatric illness; Aggression in mental health
Work: 64 3 474 0999 x 57355 | Mobile: 64 21 707 193

Associate Professor Sue Luty (Psychological Medicine , University of Otago, Christchurch)

Psychotherapy (Interpersonal Psychotherapy); Depression; Bipolar Disorder; Perinatal Psychiatry; Women's mental health; Eating Disorders
Work: 64 3 372 6716

Ms Fiona Mathieson (Psychological Medicine, University of Otago, Wellington)

Adult mental health: psychological treatment, with an emphasis on cognitive behaviour therapy
Work: 64 4 385 5541 x 6034

Professor John McMillan (Bioethics Centre)

Ethics; Research ethics; Assisted reproductive technologies; Mental health ethics; End of life issues
Work: 64 3 471 6135 | Mobile: 64 21 279 6123

Professor Roger Mulder (Psychological Medicine , University of Otago, Christchurch)

Personality disorders; Temperament and personality; Depression; Alcohol and drug disorders
Work: 64 3 364 0530 extn. 86431

Dr Shyamala Nada-Raja (Preventive and Social Medicine)

Web-based psychological interventions for mental health; Positive psychology; Self-harm; Suicide; Violence; Youth mental health; Positive development; Problem gambling
Work: 64 3 479 8518

Professor Richard Porter (Psychological Medicine, University of Otago, Christchurch)

Depression; Manic Depression/Bipolar affective disorder; Psychopharmacology
Work: 64 3 372 0426 | Mobile: 64 21 262 3615

Professor Richard Porter (Psychological Medicine, University of Otago, Christchurch)

Depression; Bipolar disorder; Neuropsychological impairment; Emotion processing; Psychological treatment of mood disorder; Psychopharmacological treatment of mood disorder; Psychiatric illness in people with intellectual impairment
Work: 64 3 372 6750

Professor Kate Scott (Psychological Medicine)

Mental-Physical comorbidity (relationship between mental disorders and physical conditions); Health psychology (psychological factors in the development and consequence of physical disease)
Work: 64 3 474 0999 x 57369

Dr Susan Wardell (Anthropology and Archaeology)

Death; Burnout; Emotion; Youth Work; Mental health; Religion
Work: 64 3 479 8790 | Mobile: 64 27 600 3022

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