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Dr Angela Ballantyne (Primary Health Care and General Practice, University of Otago, Wellington)

Human research ethics; Research with vulnerable populations; Abortion ethics; Exploitation in research; Paid surrogacy; Paid egg donation; IVF and sex selection
Work: 64 4 918 5090

Associate Professor Colin Gavaghan (Centre for Emerging Technologies, Faculty of Law)

Medical law and ethics; Regulation of reproductive and genetic technologies; Neurolaw
Work: 64 3 479 8852 | Mobile: 64 27 367 3572

Professor Grant Gillett (Bioethics Centre)

Stem cells; End of life issues; Continental philosophy; Mind and brain; The human soul
Work: 64 3 471 6127

Professor Gareth Jones (Bioethics Centre, Anatomy)

Bioethics - especially as related to the dead human body, human tissue, the nervous system and the human embryo; artificial reproductive technologies; stem cells; Relationship between bioethics and theology; Anatomy education; plastination exhibitions
Work: 64 3 479 7365

Dr Mike King (Bioethics Centre)

Moral status of animals; Scientific responsibility; Ethics of assisted reproductive technologies
Work: 64 3 471 6130

Professor John McMillan (Bioethics Centre)

Ethics; Research ethics; Assisted reproductive technologies; Mental health ethics; End of life issues
Work: 64 3 471 6135 | Mobile: 64 21 279 6123

Associate Professor Andrew Moore (Philosophy)

Ethics; Applied and professional ethics; Bioethics; Political philosophy; Ethics and public policy
Work: 64 3 479 8729

Professor Jing-Bao Nie (Bioethics Centre - Dunedin School of Medicine)

Cross-cultural and international medical ethics; Abortion, population control and reproductive ethics; Bioethics and social science; Medical humanities; Chinese and East Asian medical ethics; Traditional Chinese medicine; Chinese-western comparative history of medicine
Work: 64 3 471 6129

Associate Professor Neil Pickering (Bioethics Centre)

Philosophy of medicine; Philosophy and ethics of psychiatry and mental health; Medical humanities, literature and ethics
Work: 64 3 471 6126

Dr Janine Winters (Bioethics)

Clinical bioethics (particularly end-of-life issues and dilemmas in paediatric decision making)
Work: 64 3 471 6125

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