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Dr Kirsten Coppell (Edgar Diabetes & Obesity Research)

Diabetes (epidemiology, prevention, and monitoring)
Work: 64 3 474 7774

Emeritus Professor Brian Darlow (Paediatrics, University of Otago, Christchurch)

Neonatology ; Free radical disease ; Long-term follow-up after prematurity
Work: 64 3 364 0747

Associate Professor Matthew Doogue (Medicine, University of Otago, Christchurch)

Clinical pharmacology; Pharmacokinetics; Therapeutic drug monitoring; Adverse drug reactions; Drug interactions; Endocrinology; Diabetes
Work: 64 3 364 1055

Associate Professor Jeremy Krebs (Medicine, University of Otago, Wellington)

Obesity; Diabetes; Endocrinology
Work: 64 21 286 7324

Associate Professor Helen Lunt (Medicine, University of Otago, Christchurch)

Clinical diabetes and metabolism
Work: 64 3 364 0860

Professor Jim Mann

Coronary heart disease; Diabetes; Diet and blood lipids; Modification of the obesogenic environment; Research and clinical work in the fields of nutrition, lipids and carbohydrates as they relate to diabetes, coronary heart disease and obesity
Work: 64 3 479 7719 | Mobile: 64 21 678 925

Professor Tony Merriman (Biochemistry)

Genetics of common disease; Genetics of Autoimmune disease; Genetics of Arthritis; Type 1 diabetes; Cloning disease genes
Work: 64 3 479 5798

Professor Richard Stubbs (Wakefield Research Group, University of Otago, Wellington)

Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery ; Liver tumours ; Bariatric surgery; Management of liver tumours ; Management of severe obesity and its comorbidities by gastric bypass surgery; Colorectal cancer metastases; Obesity and diabetes ; Insulin resistance and its resolution by gastric bypass surgery
Work: 64 4 806 1504

Dr Lisa Te Morenga (Human Nutrition)

Human nutrition; Public health nutrition; Obesity; Diabetes; Metabolic syndrome; Sugar; Fat; Carbohydrates
Work: 64 3 479 3978 | Mobile: 64 21 042 7283

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