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'Online' Students

Master of Indigenous Studies 'Online' candidates must complete:

Two core papers:

INGX 501: Indigenous Theory and Method (Semester 1)

This paper introduces some of the key theoretical and methodological issues surrounding Indigenous research. It explores researching within an Indigenous realm from an ethical, political and theoretical perspective (including theory from both Indigenous and Western decolonial theorists).
Lecturer - TBA

INGX 590: Research Report (Full year)

This paper will involve the candidate producing a comprehensive report that combines theoretical and contextual knowledge on a topic specific to issues pertaining to a particular Indigenous community or to Indigenous peoples in general.
Coordinator - Dr Lachy Paterson


Two elective papers from the following list:
(Please note that for full-time students it is advised that they take one elective paper per semester so as to even out the workload.)

MAOX 404: Māori Land & Lore (Not offered in 2013)

An examination of Māori attitudes to whenua (land) through tikanga (customary lore), and the influence of colonialism in the Māori world using Land Court Minute Books.
Lecturer - Dr Paerau Warbrick

MAOX 407: Presenting Pacific Histories (Semester 1)

Themes and theories in the representation of Indigenous histories of Aotearoa and other Islands of the Pacific.
Lecturer - Professor Michael Reilly

MAOX 415: Te Whakahauora i Ngā Reo Taketake (Not offered in 2013)

A comparative study of Indigenous language decline and revitalisation that encompasses the impact of activism, education and politics on Indigenous languages in Aotearoa, Hawai'i, Canada and around the world.
Lecturer - Kate Timms

MAOX 418 He Turaki Aweke - Deconstructing Representations of Māori (Not available in 2013)

A critical analysis of contemporary representations of Māori in film, literature, news media, advertising, digital technology, and television, employing decolonial and deconstructive theoretical frameworks.
Lecturer - Associate Professor Brendan Hokowhitu

PACX 401: Polynesian Women (Semester 2)

An examination of the role of Indigenous women within the Pacific.
Lecturer - Dr Michelle Schaaf


EDUX 444: Pacific Education Issues: Culture, Identity & Schooling: Pacific Routes & Roots (Semester 2)

This paper gives students an opportunity to explore issues of culture, identity, diaspora, politics, policy, epistemology, pedagogy, ways of knowing, and values as they impact on Pacific children's experiences of schooling both in New Zealand and int he Pacific region.
Lecturer - Dr Greg Burnett




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